Does Masturbation Cause Hair Loss? All Questions Answered

Does Masturbation Cause Hair Loss? All Questions Answered

Masturbation is regular and healthy. It is a simple and pleasant pleasure for one's body that releases stress, improves sex drives, and gives many more benefits. Since it is not discussed frankly and publicly, this topic is compromised with many myths and misconceptions. All are not true. It does have many risks but not of them lead to severe side effects. There is no practical proof of these misconceptions like erectile dysfunction, blindness, deviant sexual behavior, infertility, harm to genitals, hair loss, and many more.

Hereto we will be discussing things like hair loss and numerous other misconceptions about masturbation.

  1. Does Masturbation Cause Hair Loss?

The primary explanation for hair loss is genetics. Note that it is not masturbation. It could be the hair growth cycle that gets to the shedding of hair, all during new hair growth. Any interruption to that cycle impacts the hairs, which may direct to the replacement of scar tissue; it happens to both genders.

There could be other reasons for hair loss, like hormonal changes, hereditary, scalp or skin disorders, possible outcome of medication, any hair treatments, etc., but that does not include masturbation.

The myths have a few theories that masturbation results in hair loss, like an ejaculation, which leads to the dismissal of protein that compels loss in protein in the body, which is evident in hair loss. In contrast to that, the release of protein is too small, which doesn't result in protein loss in the body.

  1. Blindness and Masturbation

It is a vague conception that masturbation results in blindness. There is, in fact, no scientific reason behind it. Blindness comes as a result of diabetes, heredity, mental strain, anxiety, accident, and more. Masturbation does not concern blindness at all. It is even explained by says certified sex therapist and resident sexologist for Adam & Eve, Jenni Skyler, that blindness, and acne, are not several possible outcomes of masturbation.

  1. Is Erectile Dysfunction a Side Impact?

It's a NO again. Masturbation doesn't cause erectile dysfunction. It is a complete myth. Research indicates that masturbation is very familiar across all eras. Approximately 74 % of men noted masturbating, corresponding to 48.1 % of women. On the contrary, it improves men's performance. Some common reasons for erectile dysfunction really are concern with closeness, tension or anxiety, unhappiness, and alcohol or smoking excessively.

  1. Damage to Genitals

Masturbation doesn't result in genital damage. Patting genitals to get sexually evoked and have an orgasm is a secure way to enjoy sex and helps to know the body. For men, it can be a good way to control ejaculation. And for females, it lets them know more about pleasure which then assists in sexual intercourse. Using pleasurable toys is safe for genitals as far as they are quality products and used rightly.

  1. Masturbation does not affect Fertility

No, masturbation doesn't affect fertility. Even masturbating frequently won't have any effect on your sperm count or cause any wrong impact on getting pregnant. As mentioned earlier, it benefits fertility by releasing stress; at times, it also acts as a painkiller and has many more benefits. Masturbation also leads to orgasm, and orgasm has many benefits concerning human health.

  1. Impact of Masturbation on Sex Drive

Masturbation boosts the sex drive when there is an inferior sex drive, to commence with, the companions. In a way, it gives confidence to both men and women. Moreover, sex drive differs from person-to-person. Low sex drive could be the consequence of pressure, a ruined sleep cycle, or medication.

  1. Sex Toys During Masturbation Don't Ruin Sex.

Using all the right sex toys for masturbation does not provoke any side consequences to sex; instead, they play a fun part in it. When they are used in the right manner and are good products, they have no side effects. These toys can be addictive at times, but with mutual understanding, one can add these fun parts to the intercourse.

  1. Masturbation Doesn't Result in Any Long-term Health Advantages

It is a mythology that masturbation does not give any long-term health advantages. But actually, it does. It improves the sleep cycle and quality as it decreases mental strain and physical tension. It also gives young appearances in men and a feeling of well-being to all.


So, all of these were misconceptions about masturbation. It is natural, healthy, and has many benefits too. Masturbating again also depends on a person, its frequency, duration, addons like tools, and how well it is going to affect the body. Excess of everything or anything is bad. It is also not bad to visit a doctor in case of any irregularity or unusual symptoms that you assume to happen due to masturbation. But as far as these myths are mentioned, they all need to be avoided.


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