Prostate Massager - Hidden Gem of the Male Sexual Journey

Prostate stimulation is one of several hidden gems as you explore your sexual journey. This prostate anal toy is designed to stimulate the prostate gland. Instrumental for the creation of seminal fluids, the prostate gland is considered to be the male G-Spot, or better known as the P-Spot.

Wireless Remote Control Anal Vibrator Masturbator
R 895.00 R 1,599.00
3 in 1 Testicle and Prostate Massager
R 995.00 R 1,599.00
Haruka Prostate Vibrator
R 895.00 R 1,599.00
Wireless De La Prostate Massager
R 795.00 R 1,499.00
Apollo Curved Prostate Probe | Blue
R 195.00 R 399.00
Black Dr. J Graduated Prostate
R 295.00 R 399.00
Come Closer | Prostate Vibrator | USB Remote
R 795.00 R 1,499.00
Calexotics Ultimate Douche | Blue
R 175.00 R 259.00
Calexotics Ultimate Douche | Pink
R 175.00 R 265.00
COLT Advanced Shower-Tap Shot
R 995.00 R 1,399.00
Calexotics One Way Valve Douche | Black
R 595.00 R 799.00
Come Closer Bulby Douche
R 195.00 R 399.00
Red Red Boy Butt Plug XXXL Challenge
R 1,095.00 R 1,399.00
Prowler Small Bulb Douche 89 ml
R 225.00 R 349.00
Toy Joy Manpower | Power Plug & Penis ring
R 295.00 R 499.00

When the prostate is stimulated, it leads to enhanced pleasure and intense and powerful orgasms. As the prostate can only be minimally stimulated externally, the most effective prostate massage is achieved internally with a finger or slimline anal vibrator.
Most popular prostate massagers have a larger, bulbous head that rubs against the prostate, creating maximum arousal. Many feature external stimulation allowing for an even better overall anal sexual experience.

At My Sex Shop, we offer a collection of prostate massagers that includes anal dildos, vibrators, beads, and plugs. If you’re looking to add some vibrations, choose a prostate massager that includes the function. These prostate stimulators have been specially chosen to accommodate beginner and experienced prostate stimulation adventurers alike.

Perfect for use with a partner or during solo play, prostate toys are sure to provide amazing sensations that will hit the spot. 

My Sex Shop has one of SA's largest selection of anal sex toys for men. We have both beginner products and the slightly more trained people who want to explore new areas in sex life. We have blah. Anal Stimulation products that have become incredibly popular in recent years.

For example, we have various Rocks Off products that are critically acclaimed products for the prostate. Anal sex in men becomes more and more widespread as there is nothing wrong with stimulating his P-Spot, which is 3-5 cm in the anus.

There are many ways to stimulate your anus, for example. Anal Plugs, Anal Dildos, Anal Vibrator, and Inflatable Dildos - if in doubt or have questions, please contact our customer service that is always available with professional advice!

Prostate Massager - Perfect For Gay Men


Gay sex toys are very popular in South Africa. Gay men will love our premium selected range of prostate massager. Should this not be your style, you’re welcome to try our masturbators for an even more exhilarating and pleasurable experience.

Whatever your reason for browsing through our collection, rest assured that these sex toys for men are the premium quality and the most affordable range in SA.

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