Whips & Floggers

Whips & Floggers- Unleash the Dominion!

Whips & Floggers are not new to humans. Whips have been the ulterior weapon for punishment in ancient times, and that is where it inspired the BDSM trend. There is three types of BDSM lovers, dominatrix, submissive, and a switch. You may be any of these three types, and yet whips equally excite the senses. 


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Feel that spanking on your ass from partner while you moan. Each moaning sound you make will stimulate your partner. At the same time, you can have those open mouth masks on for taking the blowjob to another level. If you love your partner’s sensual touch, have the delicacy of a lace mask with ribbon. At the same time, you can always be a bad kitty with a ponytail mask. 

If you like to go solo, then Come Closer whip with a vibrating dildo can be perfect for you. It comes with a vibrating dildo for your clitoris stimulations and that whip on your ass for a sexy spank.

Another exciting toy for a BDSM spank is the paddle. The Scandal paddle from MySexShop is an excellent BDSM sex toy. The paddle can help your partner give you that spank to stimulate the senses.

Paddles are often made of leather or wood. Butt, thighs, and upper back are the body parts commonly paddled during a BDSM session. Whips, paddles, and masks all are your ultimate toys that make the BDSM sessions more pleasant. They are designed to provide stimulus, a little bit of sweet pain, and lots of fun! So, choose the best whips and masks from MySexShop at attractive prices.