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Cyclone Fire | Lifelike Thrusting & Vibrating Silicone Dildo

Cyclone 7" Realistic Dildo | Thrusting | Heating | Vibrating | Flesh | Suction Cub

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International Extreme Fetish Sex Machine | 7" And 8" King Cock | Uni…
International Extreme Fetish Sex Machine | 7" And 8" King Cock | Uni…

International Extreme Fetish Sex Machine | 7" And 8" King Cock | Unisex

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Tommy Gun | Mega Thrust Sex Machine | 6 Pack Dildo | Red | Remote OP |…

Tommy Gun Silent Thruster | 6 Pack Dildo | Remote | Floor Suction | Mega Thrust 260 Pr/m

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Sex machines are the complete sexual adventure that anyone is looking to explore. It is a handy product fulfilling the desire for the ultimate experience that one of you is looking for. Our collection consists of powerful and durable machines; you're guaranteed to cum and cum again.

What is a Sex Machine?

Sex machines are the mechanical devices that are basically used to stimulate the erogenous zones in the human body during sexual intercourse or foreplay. The devices include two types namely penetrative devices and extractive devices. These machines are also known as rideable vibrators. They are often found in porn videos especially fetish sex which involves penetration, oral and simulation at a much higher speed, huge variations in terms of steadiness, vibrations and strokes and sizes than expected from humanly sex.

With sex machines, you can have a control over everything starting from pressure to speed to the thrusting styles. This experience replicates the real thing. It offers you the choice of whenever and however you want to do it. You can also enjoy it with your partner while they watch you ride at a popular speed of 160 strokes per minute. It does not discriminate anyone with their gender or genitals which means people with any sexual orientation can enjoy the feel of sex machines. They have a bigger motor compared to other toys which means they offer unbridled power that is not possible while using other smaller toys.

Why Should You Use Sex Machine?

Sex machines are a great option if you want to have life-like replication of sexual activities. Take an example of the Hismith Pro Traveler Fuck Machine from MySexShop's premium collection. It is a travel-friendly auto machine that offers up to nine different sex positions. The design is unique, which allows up to 90-degree rotations and further customizations of the main shaft. It also offers a greater thrusting depth of about five centimeters.