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Tips For Long Term Butt Plug Wear

Most of us often wonder how long we can wear a butt plug. Indeed, sometimes we take it out almost immediately, as it’s just not comfortable enough.

However, when we find the perfect butt plug, we to wear it all the time; even while we’re at work, doing errands and more!

So without further ado, let’s see how long a person can wear a butt plug and why prolonged wear may or may not be such a great idea. for more information on Butt Plugs click here.

What is an anal plug for women

An anal plug (also called butt plugs, sometimes misspelled as butt plug) is a sex toy designed for anal stimulation and specifically designed for the purpose. Thus, a real anal plug is equipped with a special stopper that prevents it from disappearing into the anus during use.

Anal plugs are available in several different materials. Most commonly, the more soft rubber or phthalate-free plastic materials are most often coated with medical silicone for optimum comfort. But they are also available in glass, steel, and other materials.

In conjunction with the use of anal plugs, it is recommended that you use a special anal lubricant or anal creams and anal sprays available in versions that both have an anesthetic and relaxing effect on the anus muscles. Then, inserting the butt plug becomes easier and more comfortable.

Why are anal plugs so stimulating

The anus is just like the area on and around the clitoris, equipped with a lot of nerve endings that make the area extremely sensitive to touches. Therefore, the stimulation of the anus with a butt plug gives great pleasure to many.

If the anal plug is used in connection with intercourse, it will stimulate you extra much at every shock from your partner. A lot of women, therefore, experience more intense and deep orgasms if they are stimulated anal in conjunction with intercourse.

How do I get started using anal plugs?

If you are a beginner in anal sex, it is a good idea to set out to buy anal beads. It is a special anal plug fitted with spheres in increasing sizes. In this way, you can lay out with the smaller balls and slowly rise in size until you find the size that gives you the best and most intense stimulation. Then it becomes easier to choose the right anal plug.

You can also get anal plugs in special beginner sets with butt plugs in different sizes, designs, and textures. With such a set, it is easy to try and explore the various options and stimuli that the various forms of anal plugs in the package provide.

Why are there so many different forms of anal plugs?

The shape of the anal plug can also be of great importance for how good and intense stimulation is felt. For beginners, the spherical beads are best mentioned. The more experienced selects usually slightly larger anal plugs, which may have a slightly more curved design or have a definite head that makes it easier to keep the plug up during use.

In all cases, the most important thing is that the butt plug is equipped with a down stop that effectively prevents it from disappearing so far up into the anus that you have to go to the emergency room. There are many stories of this kind.

If you want a good introduction to anal sex and the use of anal plugs, read our guide to anal sex on the blog.

Anal lubricant and spray

As with any other sex toy, it is important to use lubricant - especially when it comes to anal sex. Here it is possible to get special anal slides and sprays that relax the muscles in and around the anus and anesthetize the area a little.

Both help to make it more comfortable, barely cross-border and at the same time ensure you the best possible way to damage the ring muscles or get tears in and around the anus. As with anything else, there are several different products to choose from and it is usually necessary to try a little ahead to find the right product that suits you.

Anal plugs as jewelry

You can also get anal plugs that work like jewelry. They may be the naughty surprise that awaits your partner when you get your clothes off. The jewelry part itself most often sits on the base or foot of the butt plug and mostly consists of the simplest. But it is also possible to buy anal plugs with precious metals or even gemstones.

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