Our collection of anal beads has been designed to suit the needs of everyone from booty beginners to anal aficionados. With everything you need from start to finish from booty bathing douches to tapered butt plugs in a range of sizes, you can be pleasured at your own pace. From Thai love beads to vibrating plugs and double penetrators – we have anal covered, come and explore!

Interested in testing out the back door? Here are some tips on toys that’ll help you get started – and get the most out of your experience.

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Anal beads, anal strands, anal rods, anal beads or anal chains - all of this is the same. A number of spheres, or pearls, if you want, to spike your anal nerve endings into ecstasy. In this category, you will find everything that your heart can desire within anal chains for women. There are large and small with a different number of balls on.

There is a lot of difference between anal beads. Some are more flexible than others, some are longer or larger in diameter than others, and again some have larger spaces between the beads than others. Finally, you can of course also get some with a built-in vibrator. Common to all of them is that they are meant to use anal, and it is your guarantee that you can safely use them without risking them slipping too high, so you can't get them out again.

Until recently, anal beads were connected by a string. Since that was an invitation for bacteria and breakage (oops and ouch!), anal beads are now connected by a continuous piece of material, such as silicone for extra care. As always, we highly recommend a good quality lube and reliable toy cleaner to ensure you’re taking hygienically care of your sex toy