Shop a variety of sexy games for couples from erotic dice to fun card games and more to get the ultimate couple’s sex experience.

If your partner is not into couples sex toys, then our couples games might be exactly what you need to explore and spice up things in the red room.

Erotic Dice Glow-In-The-Dark
R 80.00 R 150.00
Erotic Glow In The Dark Dice
R 89.00 R 179.00
Kama Sutra
R 295.00 R 399.00
R 295.00 R 429.00
Naughty Play
R 295.00 R 429.00
Kama sutra feel me playset
R 645.00 R 899.00

Sex games or erotic games for those intimate evenings where the relationship really comes to the test. With the great selection, we offer of sex games, there is a great chance that you and your partner will find something that is interesting.

By buying these games, for the opportunity to try new boundaries, it is also a good way to experience a whole new aspect of oneself, one's partner and not least the relationship.

Want to know more about your own sexual desires, or maybe you are curious about what your partner actually turns on? Play with six challenges, fun and spas, make it all the more simple, and get rid of embarrassing moments, don't ask for law first, just do it, that's how the game rules.

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