Wand Massagers

A vibrating wand massager is not precisely a magical want like the ones you see in fairytales or Harry Potter movies, for that matter. One of the best qualities of wand massagers is that they are popular among people as the most powerful vibrators.

Wand massagers are a bit more discreet because they are designed to be a massage tool rather than a vibrator. It works both ways; you can use a wand massager to stimulate your intimate parts and use it as a massager with greater vibrating power. It can be a superb device to relax your muscles and relax your sore neck, back, and legs.

Most of the wands in the market have a rounded head and a long handle. The wands’ head is flexible and can be easily maneuvered over your contoured body without any resistance. However, you may use a massaging oil or a lube to make it friction-free.

The vibrations are focused on the head to deliver high-quality stimulations. For people who often complain about the vibration in their hands during the usage of a vibrator, a wand massager seems to be a perfect choice as it has a handle.

The older models in the market were electrically powered to offer more excellent performance, but the latest design innovations have ensured that modern wands come with rechargeable batteries. Another aspect is the noise, and wand massagers do not disappoint, as it comes with a quiet motor. Some of these devices are designed for external use, and you will need to buy another accessory for internal penetrations.

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The Magic Wand is available both as a battery-powered vibrator, which is to be charged, or with a cord that is connected to the outlet. In addition, you can buy extra accessories for your Magic Wand, for even more intense and thrilling enjoyment.

At My Sex Shop we carry one of South Africa's best selection of delicious and cheap Magic Wand vibrators in all colors and sizes. The advantage of a battery-powered model is that you have even more freedom of movement where a model for the outlet can be used as long as you want.

Magic Wand is one of the most powerful vibrators available on the market and was originally created for the massage of sore muscles. But you soon found out that it can be used for so much more. It is ideally suited for stimulation of the clitoris and other erogenous zones.

Wand Massagers also tend to be a bit more discreet because they were literally designed to be a massage tool rather than an actual vibrator- which is good for those who prefer discretion. Or, if you want your vibrator to double up as a great tool to give a body massage. The same vibrations that feel good for sexual pleasure, also provide relaxing and pleasurable vibrations for a sore neck, back, legs, etc.