PVC bed sheets

When it comes to BDSM there are many different things that you can try like restraints, bondage, cuffs, spanks, and even special furnitures. PVC bedsheets are one of the most popular BDSM furnitures that you can use for some fun. Especially if you are into piss play, watersports, or any such sexual activities involving a lot of fluid then waterproof PVC bedsheets can be great to use.


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While you can always use a towel beneath to keep things clean, but then they can be uncomfortable. If you are going for rather an erotic massage then PVC bedsheets can be great as they do not soak oils as towels might do. Most of the toys that you may use are recommended to be enjoyed with lubricants and that is why using PVC bedsheets does make sense. 

Using wet bedsheets during BDSM or even sexual activities is not that fun, and can even cause infections to your genitals. These bedsheets are waterproof, and so helps keep your erotic zones dry, and even maintain the pH balance for the vagina. 

So, if you are planning to use the sex dungeon beds or bedding for torturing and teasing your sub in a lying-down position, similar to sleeping on a bed, then PVC bed sheets are the best to use. MySexShop brings the best PVC bedsheet collections from high-end brands across South Africa at affordable rates. So, why bother having a wet night when you can sleep dry!