Climax Delay

Isn’t it a great deal for anyone to last 3-4 minutes longer on erections while you are having the time of your sex life? A desensitizer spray can be your ultimate weapon to prolong those erections and delay the ultimate climax!

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There are many long-lasting sprays that men can use to have a safer and yet explosive climax. To understand the real mechanism behind these sprays, we need to dig a little deeper into the reasons why most men can’t sustain the erections?

Premature Ejaculations or PE is mostly seen in people feeling performance anxiety. It is like a sexual depression that reduces the sexual drive early. A PE can make men ejaculate in few minutes to seconds, depending on the mental state. 

So, your penis will ejaculate during the foreplay itself, reducing the stamina to carry on until the climax, which happens due to a sensitive nerve of the penis. A climax delay spray or desensitizer spray makes the sensitive nerve of the penis numb enough for you to have long-lasting erections and provide your partner with an explosive climax or even have prolonged oral fun

MySexShop has one of the best collections of desensitizer sprays from premium brands like Stallion, Super Stud, and even the Rui Shen. You can even choose the age-old Chinese climax delay balm or a transparent non-sticky climax delay massage oil from Rui Shen at attractive prices across South Africa. Just apply a little spray or oil and see the erections last 3-4 times more than the usual and have that climax you always dreamt of!