Bodysuits can be worn as underwear or erotic lingerie for your sexual sessions. They are the sexiest underwear men can wear to show their masculinity and project their sexy body to attract the partner. These erotic wear are not new and the history of mankind has seen the evolution of bodysuits from Leotards. With the modern era of sexual expressions, men are becoming more aware of their sexual appeal, which is why bodysuits are getting more traction.


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There are many options in the market for men's lingerie, and here we have got a wide range of collections from premium brands for your sexy body! From wrestler bodysuits to the sexy wet look from Svenjoyment, modern men’s lingeries are not just comfortable to wear but increases overall sex appeal. 

These bodysuits are comfortable to wear as they can be quickly slipped over the body. Another significant aspect is the use of materials like latex, leather, and PVC, known as fetish materials. 

Fetish towards a material is a feeling of sexual attraction or expression towards specific body parts, elements, or even toys. Some of the bodysuits are stretchable and are quite comfortable. They almost work like a second skin and provide your masculine image a superior makeover to attract your partner.  

The best part about wearing a bodysuit is that it can be a great addition to your role play sex. You can choose to be a wrestler or a ballet dancer or a weightlifter with these bodysuits and make your sexual sessions exciting than ever. 

MySexShop offers the best bodysuits collection at attractive prices across South Africa. So, choose your bodysuit and be the icon of masculinity