Anal lubricants-relaxer & desensitize

Relaxation can seem to be quite a task amidst a stressful life. But anal play can be best enjoyed when you have relaxed muscles at the backdoor.  Learning to relax your anal muscles is not that simple, and that is why it becomes a challenge for many to enjoy the back door blissfully. You need to have some sort of control over these muscles to enjoy anal play. For these anal sex lovers, there are many anal relaxants and desensitizers available from our premium range. 

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What is an Anal Relaxant?

An anal relaxant is a type of hybrid lubricant that helps relax the anal muscles naturally. Many premium brands offer organic relaxants made from ingredients like Jojoba extract fused with silicon to create a hybrid relaxant that also provides a numbing effect to ease the pain. Pjur backdoor or Anal Ese can be perfect for first-time users. Pjur backdoor uses natural ingredients that are great for the skin, and Anal Ese is gel-based to massage the skin easily. 

What is a desensitizer?

Anal desensitizers help you remove two barriers to enjoyable anal sex: tense muscles and sensitive nerves. These desensitizers employ Benzocaine that enables you to relax the sphincter muscles and prevent tensing of the muscles. 

Anal Blu is one such desensitizing cream that you can easily apply with a fingertip on the sphincter ring. The desensitizing cream starts working in 5-10 minutes, and you can reapply if the skin is more sensitive.

MySexShop offers the best anal relaxants and desensitizes products from premium brands at affordable prices across South Africa.