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Important Tips for Men Buying Lingerie

Women love lingerie. But, as a man, even attempting to buy lingerie can be a bit frightening. Where do you start? What’s a camisole anyway? How risqué is too risqué? And what’s the deal with sizing? We can help you make it through that first purchase without hyperventilating, blacking out, or getting too distracted. And when you start to feel overwhelmed, just remember these five tips for men buying lingerie.

Women love lingerie. But, as a man, even attempting to buy lingerie can be a bit frightening. Where do you start? What’s a camisole anyway? How risqué is too risqué? And what’s the deal with sizing?

But don’t give up. Be brave. Be Bold. Buy lingerie!

Sizing Is Crucial!

Sizing lingerie is crucial for fit and comfort. Buying a corset isn’t like buying a pair of jeans—you can’t just cinch a loose one up with a belt. But asking a woman what size she wears can be a ticket to the doghouse. Instead, be a little sneaky. Take a peak and the labels on the clothing she already wears (check the closet or volunteer to do the laundry). Don’t forget: plus-sized lingerie comes in all sorts of sexy styles.

Buy for Her Personality (Not your fantasy)

It’s okay to shop for fantasy lingerie if you’re both into it, but, only buy what she’s comfortable wearing. If your lover is meek and mild, X-rated lingerie might be embarrassing. On the other hand, if she loves to walk on the wild side, a leopard print bra and crotchless panty set might be perfect.

Women love wearing lingerie every day. It’s sexy and empowering and not just for the bedroom. If it’s your first time buying lingerie it might be safer to stick to something sexy yet practical like a matching bra and panty set.

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What does fetish mean?

Having a fetish means you are fascinated by an object or action. So fascinated that you are sexually excited about looking at it, wearing it, touching it, etc. It can be anything from lacquer over a rope to balloons.

There is nothing abnormal in having a fetishism. In fact, Christian Groes-Green believes that most people have a fetish. So what's your fetish? If you haven't found it yet, try to check the products above. Is there anything that puts cheeky pictures in your brain and horny reactions going on in your abdomen, then you may have found your fetish.

Foot fetish...

Foot fetish is among one of the most common fetishes. It is - not surprisingly - about feet and everything that has to do with feet, such as boots, shoes and socks and tights, licking and sucking on toes, being touched and/or stimulated by feet and toes or maybe be stepped on - literally.

Latex fetish...

Another fairly common fetishism is the fascination with latex. Latex is a kind of rubber that is used to make sex toys and condoms, but also clothes, lingerie, Attires for men, and accessories, such as gloves, masks, and boots.

The clothes sit close to the body and much of it has an almost wet look. Some light up that the clothes are close to the body and reveal everything, others turn on the feeling of having latex close to the bare skin, while others turn on seeing others with it, and someone just turns it on.

In the same fetish category, there are lacquer, rubber and leather fetishism.

How to get started...

If you have a fetish that you cannot do alone, then your girlfriend must be involved, then you have to tell it. Depending on what it is, it can be hard to tell. But it is important to get it done if it means a lot to you.

You shouldn't do it on the first date unless you've been watching one of the Fifty Shades movies together, and it's the submission and power you turn on.

For example, you turn on As a man to go in ladies' lingerie, you probably have to wait until the confidentiality between you is a little bigger than it usually is at the beginning of a relationship.

On the other hand, there are some fetishes that do not require as much confidence. Such as. as a woman to love with high heeled boots or similar.

But if you have a fetish, it is devastating to your relationship if you do not come out with it at some point. If your partner loves you, he/she will, as a guarantee, at least try it before it may be rejected. But if you are lucky, your partner also turns on it, if not just because you become extremely excited about it.

But take it easy and quiet. Come on. with small hints, or get your partner to look in our selection of fetish products, and find out if it is the same you turn on.

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