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The dildo is ancient. Ever since there have been people, there have been people who have wanted to shove things in their orifices. We here at My Sex Shop take pride in knowing that we are simply plying the same trade as our ancestors– our ancient, ancient ancestors.

Get the real feel of a man when you masturbate with an ultra-realistic dildo! These lifelike dongs mimic the seductive looks and sensations of real penises. Realistic Dildos are the closest that you can get to the real thing, … Lean your head back and feel every inch of it slide inside you.

Close your eyes and you could be handling the real thing. The realistic dildo was crafted to look and feel like a real penis with stimulating raised veins to take you all the way to orgasm after breathtaking orgasm. Some are even molded from real people, including many of your favorite porn stars!


What is a dildo?

A dildo is a phallus-shaped sex toy that is inserted into the woman's vagina to achieve sexual stimulation. Despite its very simple appearance, which resembles a penis, a dildo can irritate and excite you in the foreplay when you are with a partner or give you amazing g-spot orgasms by soloists.

The dildo is available with and without a vibrator, just as you can get dildos in a myriad of different materials, colours, and designs. Price-wise, it is possible to get dildos from a few hundred rand and up to several thousand, just as there are even more expensive designer versions, where the surface is completely or partially coated with precious metals such as floor or silver.

Dildos - the world's oldest sex toys

The Dildo is the world's oldest sex toy and has been around since ancient times. It is thus found in countless archaeological excavations in ancient Greece and Egypt, as it has been found in stone-age excavations all over Europe. The first dildos were of stone, but there have probably also been early editions of wood. However, these have gone on over time, so it is only the pedigrees and drawings of leather foals from Greece that have been found in various excavations. The oldest, well-preserved stonewalls are nearly 28,000 years old and originate from Germany, but also in ancient Egypt, very early stonewalls have been found, as they are mentioned in the Old Testament.

Modern dildos

Since ancient times, a lot has happened with the dildo design and functionality. Today you can thus get dildos in many different designs and designs. About 50-60 years ago, the first dildos with a built-in vibrator appeared. They could be bought in seedy sex shops in scary side streets, where porn movies were most often also shown. But over the past 10-15 years we have gone from the classic archetypes to dildos in white, hard plastic and to dildos in soft and skin-friendly materials such as silicone, jelly, and latex, as well as in many different designs depending on which areas of the vagina, the individual dildo must stimulate. The functionality has also been boosted and today, you can thus get dildos with many different vibration patterns and the possibility of both wired, wireless and app-controlled remote control.

G-Spot dildo

G-Spot dildos are probably one of the dildos that come furthest from the traditional, penis-shaped design. The G-Spot dildo is known by the slightly broken or curved design, which is shot that the dildo is designed specifically to stimulate the woman's g-spot. These dildos are most often equipped with advanced vibration patterns and the option of either remote control or operation using buttons at the bottom of the dildo.

Realistic or lifelike dildos

You can also get more realistically designed dildos, where everything from foreskin and to blood vessels resembles a real penis. These dildos are available both with and without testicles. The most Lifelike versions have a surface of so-called Cyberskin that feels and looks like real skin, just as it is possible to get special versions that can also spray. Glass and steel dildos You can also get dildos that go design in the opposite direction. Here, materials such as glass or steel have been chosen that gives a completely different feeling than the realistic and other plastic, silicone or jelly-based dildos.

The dildos in glass and steel are very hard and cool and are available in versions that can be used for both anal and vaginal penetration. Some of these dildos are also designed with small spheres that are especially suitable for anal stimulation. It is also possible to get special "gay dildos" that are especially suitable for anal use. These are also available in more traditional materials and designs and most often have a very realistic design.

Dildo with suction cup

It is also possible to get dildos fitted with a suction cup at the bottom. Dildos with suction cups are intended to be mounted on a chair, door or other smooth surface and can be used for both vaginal and anal penetration. 

Huge dildo and inflatable dildos

A very special category is giant dildos, available with incredibly large diameters. They can be the alternative to Fisting and the particular fisting didos, just as they can be part of bondage and domination. A special version of the giant dolphins is the inflatable dildos that can be pumped up to as large diamonds as the giant dildos - or larger! These dildos are also most often included in the BDSM and fetish universe, just as it is possible to get inflatable butt plugs for anal use. Regardless of the size of the dildo - but perhaps especially for giant and inflatable dildos - it is a good idea to use a good water-based lubricant. REMEMBER: Never use silicone-based slides on dildos with a silicone-based surface.

Double Dildos

Another special version of the dildo is the special dual-dildo originally intended for lesbian couples, but today it is available in such pliable materials and flexible designs that they can be used for simultaneous penetration of both the vagina and the anus.

There are also special double-dildos designed for just double-penetration only, as well as dildos that cannot be bent because they are primarily intended for use by two women at once.

Dildo with Strap-on and harness-friendly

It is also possible to get special Strap-On Dildos that can be strapped to the abdomen and used instead of a penis. This category was also originally developed for lesbian couples but is also used today by men with power problems or by women in connection with pegging, where she gives the man anal stimulation using the strap strap-on.

It is also possible to buy a harness. It is a plate that stretches on the abdomen, after which various types of dildos can be applied. These dildos can be designed as a plain dildo, Butt Plugs or special dildos designed for double penetration.

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