Jock Strap

A jockstrap is a man's best friend when it comes to protecting their intimate parts during activities like sports, exercises, or even riding a bike. It is designed to keep the men's private parts in place during heavy workouts and avoid any injury that may damage erectile dysfunction.


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Jockstraps were first invented back in 1874 by C.F. Bennett. It was a sporting goods company in Chicago called Sharp & Smith that made this possible. Jockstraps were designed originally for the bicycle jockeys who used to cycle around Boston’s streets, especially on the cobblestone.

Modern jockstrap design is simple and effective, with a waistband and a pouch area to cover your body’s intimate parts. Straps connect the pouch that covers the scrotum and penis. These straps run all along the pelvic region between your legs to wrap around underneath the ass. There are different types of jockstraps available in the market based on the kind of sports. 

But, jockstraps can be an excellent thing for your sexual needs too. You can use them to fulfill your partner’s erotic fetish or add some spice through thong-based designs. MySexShop brings the best of jockstraps fused with sexual elements like thongs, strap-ons type, or metal design. You can get jockstraps for sexual intimacy or sports activities at attractive prices in South Africa.