Clone A Willy - Silicone Penis Clone Kit

What is the biggest dilemma while gifting your partner?-Choosing a surprise that stays with the partner? How about a clone of your penis? Imagine the kind of erotic fun your partner will have with a replica of your penis. Clone a Willy is a fantastic kit that helps you create a life-like replica of your penis. Let’s understand how it works?

What does the kit include?

A clone, a Willy kit comes with a long, slender, plastic tube. With the tube, there is a vibrator and a bag of molding powder. The kit also contains a thermometer, balsa wood stick, and silicone gel. 

How to use the kit?

Mix silicone gels and pour them to create the mold. Cut the plastic tube according to the size of your penis. Use the plastic tube as a container for the molding mixture that you dip your penis into.

The first step towards clone a Willy is mixing the powder in water at about 90 degrees Fahrenheit 45 seconds. The next step is to pour the mixture into the mold and insert the erected penis to create a penis replica. 

Some Precautions for the usage of the kit

  • The first recommendation is to use a lubricant with the toy.
  • Use a high-quality toy cleaner to clean the kit.
  • You can also use lukewarm water to clean the elements in the kit.
  • After cleaning, use a dry cloth to have a squeaky clean finish.
  • Store all the elements of the kit in their original casing.

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