Corsets have a long history of being worn as under clothing. So, the notion of corsets as undergarments or lingerie is in fact quite sexy. In the victorian era, women started using corsets with exotic fabrics instead of cotton. This form of fabric was more functional in those times, which over the years evolved as sexy lingerie. These garments help streamline the waist with the breasts to create that feminine physique. 


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Modern corsetry has found itself more use in fashion, and seductive garment. For example, the S-curve corsets are very popular. They push the breasts forward and provide hip accentuations. The corselets of the late '50s were truly sexy, and then brands like Victoria's Secret took it to next level. Modern-day corsets are often full-body dominatrix lingerie made from the latex of leather. Some of them are even waist corsets that can be worn with a bra and panty. For example, the Scandal Corsets with Cuffs can be worn with bras, and provide that BDSM feel. 

Corsets are seeing a revival through the latest sexy range of lingerie. Creating that dominatrix feel, and empowering the women to take charge of their sexual needs, corsets are a trendsetter. These corsets can be paired up with thongs, stockings, sexy bras, and even cuffs. Corsets are not just the lingerie for your dominatrix, there are corset gowns for some sexy foreplay. They can be tight at times, especially leather corsets, but certainly comfortable with frequent use.

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