Rabbit Vibrators: Your Sexy Bunny For Life!

Until the Sex and the City episode, “The Turtle and the Hare.” brought everyone’s attention, rabbit vibrators were not that popular. A rabbit is a friendly animal, so a character in the TV show indicates that if someone wants a vibrator, it should be named a horse. But, what the show exactly did was increase awareness among many people regarding this fantastic product

A rabbit vibrator is a dual-action sex toy that allows deep penetration and clitoral stimulations. Having this dual advantage can allow you to explore sexual sessions with endless possibilities. Most rabbit vibrators are designed with a phallic shape, and an arm helps increase the stimulations, often known as the tickler. Such protruded ticklers are often bunny-shaped to replicate the rabbit.

The rabbit vibrators have a shaft with encapsulated pearls that helps with the rotations. But, there rabbit vibrators in the market with simple designs too. There are iterations with single or triple ticklers in the rabbit vibrators.

Rabbit vibrators are often termed as a combination of toys. But there are other ways to combine vibrators.

Combination Vibrators

You might have heard or even used clitoral and G-Spot vibrators. But how about combining a rabbit, G-Spot, and clitoral vibrator? These vibrators can look normal, but have a bunny-shaped rabbit on the top. There are others with a shaft and stimulators. But, as far as detailing is concerned, rabbit vibrators have the best patterns for ultimate stimulations.

Some of these are adjustable, and others come with maneuver control to have ultimate fun.

Have you seen the TV series "Sex and the City", then you probably also heard about the rabbit vibrator, which got its big breakthrough through this particular series. The rabbit vibrator is very popular, and not without reason many women's favorite sex toys.

The rabbit vibrator has "rabbit ears" or a purring arm that stimulates the clitoris, while the vibrator itself stimulates the vagina and the g spot. Some rabbit vibrators have built-in spheres / beads that rotate and provide additional stimulation.

We have a large selection in different price ranges, so there is something for every taste and budget. The vast majority of women experience deep and orgasmic acquaintances with these products, and it is not without reason. Ever since the great success in Sex and the City, these products have gradually gained ground in most South-African women.