Vagina Tightening & Arousal Gel

Keep up the sexual arousal hard and firm for a long-lasting sexual experience with these tightening gel.

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R 795.00 R 1,099.00

Being firm and solid for a longer time will help satisfy you and your partner's sexual needs effectively.

Sex Will Be More Powerful

These sex products for women are best when it comes to boosting sexual potential and giving utmost experience to your sexual partner as well. It will make you feel aroused, and that will be helpful in experiencing long-lasting sex. The loose vagina will no longer affect your sexual pleasure as it is a great product that will boost your confidence.

Forget About All Myths And Misconception

The loose vagina is not a disorder, and it is a part of human anatomy which fluctuates as it ages, and there is nothing wrong with it. All myths and misconceptions of a loose vagina will be flushed with this amazing tightening product offered by mysexshop. Vagina has its elasticity, and it changes over time, but no worries when you have this cream in your hand and no one is stopping you from having sexual pleasure.