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Whether it’s the clitoris or your anal pathways, lubricants are your best friends when it comes to sexual pleasures. From using a sex toy to going old style with a penis, lubricants are great for a comfortable penetration. Lubricants are explicitly produced to reduce friction during intercourse, and that is the reason why many sex toy manufacturers do recommend the usage of lubricants.

Why do you need an anal lubricant?

Anal muscles are tight when you start with anal sex sessions initially, and due to this, you might have to bear the pain. Lubricants help reduce friction and organically treat the gentle skin of the anal pathway for better pain resistance. Thicker anal lubricants are better for anal sex as it has an internal skin differs from that of the clitoris. Whether you love rimming, fingering, prostate massage, and penetration with a penis or anal sex toys, lubes are your best options to reduce damages like anal fissures.

Types of anal lubricants 

Water-based Lubricants are organic and replicate the natural way of lubrication. The only issue with the water-based lubricants is that it gets washed away if you shower or bath. On the other hand, silicone-based lubricants are more of an artificial option. But the best lubes are a mixture of water and silicone base that have organic extract as a part of the ingredients. 

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