Penis Extender

How do penis extenders work?

You can have a larger penis. The whole idea and every conceivable variant of it has been the inspiration behind several innovations in extenders. Many people try different pills, topical ointments, even tutorials on an enlargement technique. All these approaches have one thing in common, lack of evidence, but what is the most trustful approach?- Penis Extenders

A penile extender is not an invasive device. It uses traction technology to stretch your penis. On average the length of the penis is increased by 1.5 centimeters in three months with any penile extender. 

Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum pumps, or penis pumps, are often used to treat erectile dysfunction. It can help you make your penis extend temporarily. Overusing the vacuum pump can damage the nerves or even erections. So, it becomes vital for you to choose the right type of vacuum pump. MySexShop offers vacuum pumps from premium brands at attractive prices.

Clamps and Rings

Clamps or rings can help you stretch and elongate the penis. You can place these devices around the base of the penis and develop an erection. It prevents the blood from flowing out of the penis, making it erect for a more extended period. It is advisable not to use clamps and rings for more than 30 minutes. 

There are some necessary precautions to follow before and after the use of the penis extenders.

  • Clean the extenders with toy cleaner or warm water before and after usage.
  • Trim your hair around the penis to avoid it during the usage of extenders.
  • Use paddings to support the penis from the hard surface of extenders.
  • Many extenders come with stainless steel rings at the base to support the penis.
  • Use lubricants mostly of silicone to have a better experience.

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