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What is a Vibrator? 

A vibrator is a piece of sex toys that irritates and induces an orgasm by vibration. The cheapest models allow for preset vibration speed and possibly strength, while the most expensive and advanced offer a wealth of different vibration patterns and adaptation of both vibration speed and strength.

The vibrator is available in various designs, depending on whether you want to stimulate the clitoris, spoon wall or G-Spot. Furthermore, vibrators are available in many different materials, including both plastic, wood, stone, and metal, as well as with soft and comfortable surfaces of e.g. latex and silicone.

The naming of the vibrator most often suggests how it stimulates you sexually, such as. clitoral vibrator or a  G-Spot vibrator, but is also available with names like butterfly and rabbit vibrator, which more closely describe the vibrator's appearance than how it stimulates you to a joyous orgasm.

A special type of vibrator is the so-called par-vibrator that stimulates both the clitoris, g-spot, and man's penis during intercourse. You can read more about this during sex toys for couples.

How does a vibrator work? 

The vibrator works by transmitting the vibrations from one or more small motors inside the vibrator to the area the vibrator is designed to stimulate. It makes it very easy to achieve orgasm, whether you are alone or with a partner. The beautiful vibrations do their job in the right way, and with the right type of vibrator, you can achieve one orgasm after another.

What is the best vibrator? 

It is difficult to recommend a particular type of vibrator over another. Because it is very different from woman to woman, which type gives the best satisfaction. Many, however, have a penchant for the so-called rabbit vibrator, which both stimulates the g-spot and the vagina inside and the clitoris outside utilizing some rabbit-ear-like slats which have given the vibrator its name. 

It became world-renowned first in the century because of the television series "Sex and the City", where one of the series' main characters spends quite a bit of time alone with this lovely vibrator type. Another vibrator that features guest performances in the same TV series is the special Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator, which, with its powerful vibrations, provides a very powerful and intense clitoral stimulation with consequent powerful orgasms. The vibrator was developed for body massage, but it did not go long after its launch in 1968 before it became popular in women's circles of completely different and - once you have tried it - very obvious reasons.

However, a newer vibrator has hit both of these classics. It is also a vibrator that works without vibrations. Instead, the small ear thermometer-like vibrator uses a form of air pressure. This means in practice that you are not in contact with the vibrator itself, as you are with a traditional vibrator. An example of such a vibrator is the so-called Womanizer, which we also sell here at My Sex Shop. It also has the advantage that it does not emit any audible vibrations.

The clitoral vibrator was first...

The clitoral vibrator was the first type of vibrator to be launched. It was invented by Victorian doctors who were tired of treating women manually for hysteria. The young girls of that time often developed very strong sexual frustrations in the somewhat more elated age, and here was the only known treatment to send them a trip to the doctor and get an orgasm. 

Dildo-vibrators and g-spot vibrators 

The Dildo is the world's oldest known sex toy that is already seen in the Stone Age and ancient Egyptian excavations from ancient times. The dildo-vibrators, however, did not arrive until later, but today they are usually the first piece of sex toys that people become acquainted with. The dildo-vibrator is available in a wide variety of versions, including the particular g-point vibrators known in their particular curved or slightly broken configuration, ensuring that they hit the g-spot perfectly.

Where do I find a cheap vibrator 

As you can see from the product overview above and in the menu, there is a myriad of different vibrators in many different designs. The individual vibrator's functions and setting options are usually what determines how expensive the vibrator is. A good, affordable little vibrator is for example. The simplest cable-guiding versions of vibrator eggs are available for a few hundred dollars. Also, the classic plastic dildo vibrator - the stereotype of a dildo - as well as several cable-controlled strap-on vibrators can be obtained for cheap money.

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