Toy Cleaners

Shop a variety of water-based, silicone and universal toy cleaners for every type of adult toy! One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to toys, and the same goes for cleaning them. You can’t wash and dry everything the same way—it depends on what material they’re made out of. Also, many people prefer toy cleaners that containing no harsh chemicals. If you enjoy your toys and invest time and money in them you must not forget the importance of proper cleaning. 


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But a word of advice first. The best thing you can use is a spray-on toy cleaner. Some say you can use a mild soap, but the problem with soap is that it goes into the pores and then froths up again once you put lubricant in it (if you have not gotten it all out), and getting it all out is a challenge. The spray-on toy cleaners go into the pores of the skin-like material and then is more easily rinsed out as it does not adhere like soap or get reactivated as easily.

At My Sex Shop, we’ve put together a range of high-quality spray-on toy cleaners at the best price, just for you!