Medical Grade - Hypoallergenic

ICICLES Class Butt Plugs are made of premium quality Medical-Grade Borosilicate glass and are all hand blown. It is very resilient material  and it is recognised and approved as a top medically safe product - in fact glass is the one surface that limits any bacteria growth.

if you suffer from allergies or are sensitive to rubber, latex, plastics or silicone The Butt Plugs are a perfect choice , they can be used safely both  anally and vaginally.

Hypoallergenic’ – meaning it is totally harmless and It can easily be 100% sterilised by boiling or wiping over with an antiseptic wipe.

You can be confident and rest assured that glass Dildos are Medical-Grade Borosilicate and will NEVER  break, snap, or shatter inside of you.

The Butt Plugs super strength, impressive durability and are non-porous, they will never degrade, crumble, flake, or weaken with age.

Use warm water or place the Butt Plug in the microwave to heat things up, it is perfect to retain heat, or your can make it ice cold from the freezer, that is brave but what a sensation ! for a less cool sensation use the cold water from the tap.

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