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Intimacy and pleasure are those gems that everyone desires, and often are let down by human inefficiencies. But, what if a human-made replica can make your sex life awesome? Sex dolls are one of the most sorts after sexual products these days. They provide an experience that is closest to real sex. But, if you think that sex dolls are modern men's inventions, then you are probably wrong. The first sex doll has been described in 8 AD by Ovid. He mentions a sex doll made of ivory in "Metamorphoses" created by Pygmalion. Later in the 11th and 12th centuries, the obsession with sex dolls took a spiritual turn.


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Naked women made of marble were used by the church in the British and Irish side to ward off the evil spirits. Some also believe that caressing against such sculptures provided healing. These dolls were known as Sheela-na-gigs. 

The next iteration of the human-made sex dolls was seen in the 15th century. These dolls were also known as Dame De Voyage in french. They were made of sewn clothes and were popular among sailor boarding ships for long journeys. 

The transition towards modern-day sex dolls began with Nazis creating their iteration for soldiers. It was part of the Nazi project to save their soldiers from STD(Sexually Transmitted Diseases). But, the real drift towards today's banger babe or seductive Nikita came from 1996's Leah. Mcmullen created a life-like version of females back in 96 called Leah.

From that moment on sex, dolls have been more innovative and life-like. Over the years, many companies have created women's replicas through materials like PVC, TPE, and silicon. With modern technology integration, these sex dolls can even smile, have a chat, and moan during sex. 

Blow-up Vs. Silicone: Which is the best love doll to buy?

There is always a confusion on which is the best sex doll to buy. Blow-up sex dolls have flexible designs inherent due to the use of high-quality vinyl and rubber. Simultaneously, these dolls have vagina and anus with special ticklers that make you moan with pleasure. 

Silicone sex dolls are one of the most delicate types available in the market. They are so realistic and smooth due to prime material-silicone. We all know that silicone is used as a breast implant due to its smoothness and sturdiness. The same goes for silicone sex dolls, as they are water-resistant and strain-proof. These sex dolls are life-like and beautiful, making the erotic seduction more exciting.

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