Restraints for him & her

Introducing bondage, and restraints to your sexual routine might look interesting, but there are some that shy away from such experiences. The truth is quite the opposite, bondage, and restraints are amazing as they help boost the excitement during sex, but, if you are still wondering why to use restraints for your BDSM experience, here is what experts say.

Fetish Fantasy | Original Black Furry Cuffs
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Beginners Red Furry Cuffs
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Being Fetish | Ankle Cuffs | Red
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Scandal Bed Restraints
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Zado Leather Hanging Restraints for Him
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According to bondage expert, Jess Wilde, “‘Some people who are complete novices might think-If I need a safety word, this must be some really scary play”, but it really isn’t. We have a safety word for all kinds of sex, and that’s usually ‘No’. But when it comes to fetish play, ‘No’ might not be enough because it might be part of the play, so that’s why we talk about safety words. You know that if you say ‘Pineapple’ midway through the play, things are going to stop immediately.

There are many different forms of restraints for her that you can use. Apart from the popular cuffs, you can use bed restraints, full-body restraints, arm restraints, and others. These bondages offer a sense of tight bondage while you are having those thrusting, and stroking. It enables stimulation through tension over your muscles making the BDSM experience enhanced. 

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