Restraints for him & her

Handcuffs are a popular choice for restraints. They can be made of metal or softer materials like Velcro or leather. Make sure to choose a pair that is adjustable and has a quick-release mechanism for safety.

For more advanced restraint play, ropes can be used. Make sure to use ropes specifically designed for bondage, as they are typically softer and less likely to cause discomfort or harm. It's important to learn proper techniques for safe tying or consider taking a class to ensure safety.

Under-the-bed restraints: These are special sets that include straps or cuffs that go under the mattress, allowing you to secure your partner's wrists and ankles to the bedposts or other attachment points. They offer versatility and are easy to set up.

Blindfolds:Blindfolds can be used for sensory deprivation, enhancing anticipation and pleasure. They can be made of soft materials like silk or satin or specifically designed blindfolds.

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