Leather For Her - Adjustable

Lacy and frilly lingeries have been around quite some time, but they don't compete against the classy leather. The feel, the smell, and that spanking sound of leather can stimulate any men. Leather lingeries come in different colors like the shiny black or tangy tan. The leather lingerie range comes with different types like belts, thongs, stockings, panties, teddies, bras, and corsets. 


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The quality and the feel of these leather lingeries depend on many factors. One of the properties of leather that can determine the quality is the origin of the material. The second property is a grade of leather that can help determine the quality. There are four primary grades of leather.

  • Full-Grain
  • Top Grain
  • Corrected Grain
  • Bonded Leather

Full-grain leather has the highest quality, while most of the leather available in the market is corrected grain or split leather. Most leather lingerie on MySexShop is made from the finest leather. It has a special place among women in the modern era. Leather is sensuous and sexy. It makes the curves of a woman look more attractive. 

Leather lingerie does not require extensive maintenance and is easy to clean. There are a plethora of leather cleaners and conditioners in the market to help keep it soft. As a material, leather is exceptionally breathable and makes comfortable wear for women.  It is quite comfortable for your movements and form-fitting by nature. Leather fits like a second skin, making your partner explore every curve of the body. Though wearing leather may seem to be right first time around, it becomes a part of your body as time passes. The best thing about leather is its durability in comparison to other lingerie materials.

So, if you are looking to add some leather bras, panties, and corsets to your collection, MySexShop has an extensive collection of the best leather lingerie projects at the best prices in South Africa.