Masks For Him - Fetish Play Masks

A fetish is when any person has a strong sexual stimulus from non-human objects or a non-genital body part. It can be thongs, stockings, corsets, leather bras, panties, or even a mask. However, masks were not so standard as a fetish among men earlier. But, in the modern-age of BDSM, there are different types of masks for him. From the puppy masks to female masks and even the zipper faced hood, they all have different fetishisms.


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Puppy masks have become more of attire than just a mask, and there are kink groups of it. Simultaneously, the most popular "masks for him" are hooded masks that are either available with a hole for open mouth or zipper. If you look at the open mouth masks, they do not have cut out for eyes. So, the full arousal depends on the feel of the masks. 

If you want your flaunting hair and lips open for fun, satin love masks are the best ones. They only cover your eyes to make you feel through the touch of hands or lips. While the zipper faced hood is the sexiest of the lot. You can have your partner aroused watching through that eye out, and once the stimulus is on, unzip for a beautiful blowjob. 

Masks for him are an excellent way to have arousal through other senses. The power of a touch, sensual foreplay, and ultimate blowjob on top of it all makes these masks perfect. The best thing about these fetish masks is that they are not bound for men only, and you can have fun with a female too.

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