An Orgasm A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

An Orgasm A Day Keeps The Doctor Away -

You must be meditating, practicing yoga, or having healthy food or fruits or even shopping for healthy products to keep yourself healthy. But there is one more thing that you can do frequently which is fun and also makes you feel happy, having an orgasm. Have you ever tried having orgasms regularly and seeing what the results are? 

There is this old adage that says an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But did you know there are a lot of health benefits associated with having orgasms regularly. Recent study shows that an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away. Orgasms are not only pleasurable to the human body but also good for the health and longevity of men and women. 

Research shows that men and women having frequent orgasms have lower mortality risk compared to humans who do not let it out. The study also concludes that the more orgasms you have, the lower the risk of reaching death. The results also show that the inability to experience orgasms or indifference towards sex is directly correlated to heart attack. 

The orgasms also prevent humans from having prostate cancer. The experiment conducted found that men who would have four orgasms a week starting from the age of twenties to the age of forty had one-third lower the risk of having prostate cancer. Thus, high ejaculation frequency is indirectly correlated with the risk of having prostate cancer. 

  • Few of the health benefits of having regular orgasms are:
  • It prevents cervical infection and also helps relieving urinary tract infections
  • It helps combating insomnia by releasing oxytocin and dopamine
  • It increases cardiovascular health
  • It cures menstrual pain
  • It is an ultimate stress reliever
  • Few of these health benefits are explained in detail below.

It Improves Mood, Alleviates Depression And Reduces Stress

When you feel you are in a bad mood, you try all those things to distract yourself from negative thoughts. Try reaching an orgasm and feel the pleasure. Reaching an orgasms is extremely complex process where your heartbeat increases with the feeling of pleasure, the muscles of your anus, vagina, penis and uterus experience a rhythmic contraction and relaxation, your brain at the same time is responsible for the secretion of two specific hormones which together will drive towards climax and physical pleasure. The two hormones are oxytocin and dopamine which are responsible for all the good feelings that you would experience after having orgasms. Oxytocin is capable of reducing stress level and dopamine, which is famously called the happiness hormone, is in control of your emotional and mental responses, thus, helps improve mood and lowering depression. The secretion of this chemical mixture in the body helps you feel good and satisfied inside which improves your health.


It Improves Sleep And Is Good For Skin

Having orgasms also improves sleep because it releases endorphins which are responsible for calming and sedating effects on the body. The blood pressure level drops after having orgasms which calms the body and you reach a state of relaxed sleep. Orgasms are also good for skin and studies have shown that regular orgasms slows down the process of aging in a human body. This is because while having orgasms, there is an increase in blood rate due to which serotonin hormone is released which is the hormone of well-being. It improves the circulation of blood and oxygenates the skin by improving its elasticity, tone and complexion. 


Pain Reduction And Self Care

As mentioned above, orgasms release oxytocin which also helps in reducing pains like menstrual cramps, headaches, arthritis and so on. 

Self care is also important. It all starts with you and you are the first responsibility for your own happiness. Masturbating is a practice that gives the feeling of self love and self gratification. It is a great way of knowing yourself better and appreciating your anatomy.  It is easier as well as even more pleasurable with sex toys that help you come in an extra ordinary way because this is what it is all about, giving yourself  the happiness no one else can give.


Boosts Immunity

The orgasms of the human body releases DHEA which is a powerful chemical or hormone that helps keep the immune system of the body optimized. Study shows that people having orgasms frequently have 30% more immunoglobulin A (an antibody that is known to improve the immune system) compared to the people having less orgasms or not trying to pleasure themselves. 


It Improves Your Sex Life

Practicing a solo game while pleasing yourself is an excellent way of exploring and discovering your body which also results in an increase in confidence with yourself. While masturbating with erotic toys you can know which part arouses you the most or which actions makes you feel more hot. When you know your body, you will feel safer in the bed and in control and confident with your partner as you can communicate to your partner regarding what you like the most.



Many women in current times ignore the importance and necessity of self gratification. It is due to the fact that female orgasms are still something that is mysterious. It is also hard to reach and is surrounded by a lot of misconceptions that make it hard for females to masturbate. Females have more difficulties to reach climax when compared to males. But just because it is difficult to achieve does not mean you cannot try it. Fortunately, there is no difference between the orgasms that are achieved with your partner or if you are performing your solo game. It is not important how you achieve it, achieving one or in multiples is the main task. Having the big O regularly as mentioned above has plenty of benefits to your health along with having lots of pleasure.


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