Mastering the Art of Sex in the Shower!

Mastering the Art of Sex in the Shower! -

Sex in the shower can be beautiful. It doesn't have to be all soap in your eyes, prune-fingers and cold bums pressed against the tiles. Yes, some may find sex in the shower to be awkward with lot's of slipping against each other as you attempt to find a stable position. 

The secret, is to have fun with it. You can’t expect it to work like normal sex, but you can find ways to make your bathroom your own sexy water-park.

Here are some tips to Master Sex in the Shower:

1. Set a Sexy Scene


Try and bring an extra element of seduction to the bathroom, take some time to set the scene with candles, incense and/ or music. The added visual and sensory stimulation enhances the entire experience of Sex in the Shower!

2. Ladies First


For most men, a big part of what gets them in the mood is seeing their partner naked. The act of undressing itself can be seductive enough and when you throw in a little water - which in turn is a sex, wet, naked body - it takes things to a whole new level! Build up some anticipation by having her get in the shower first while you watch her standing under the warm water, lathering her sexy naked body before joining her in the shower to heat things up!

3. Soapy Seduction

set shower scene

Great foreplay leads to great sex and the same is true in the shower! Before diving into sex; first enjoy all the sensation of your two wet, naked bodies together.

Take time to wash each other, making sure to get extra soapy! As you clean your partner you will get to explore their whole body, touching places that may be hard to reach in the bedroom!

4. Get Hot & Go Down

The shower is a great place to take advantage of the fact that you both are fresh and clean an add some oral action. Take turns dropping to your knees to go down on your partner. And if you come, no sticky clean-up!

5. Position Party

Play around with positions. A good, safe option is doggy style. This is a little less risky should either of you be worried about falling or slipping. Have her face away from you with both hands planted on the tiles. You’ll have penetration control and, with the addition of soap and water, you’ll be able to slip in and out a lot easier. A win-win for both of you! Here are two couples play position games you can find and use to have some wet and wild fun!



6. Lube it up!

Though it might seem like water would make your girl wetter, the opposite can sometimes be true! Lube is a great addition to shower sex. Be sure to use a silicone based lube which is waterproof and won’t wash away! 


7. A Helping Hand...and Foot!

Finding the best position for a stand-up shower or bath can be difficult but it's a lot simpler when you use one of our amazing sex-in-the-shower tools: The Dual Locking Suction Handle adds lots of leverage and significantly improves balance in the slippery, sexy shower so you can play worry free.

The Single Locking Suction Foot Rest attaches ultra-securely to your shower wall, providing leverage, balance, and position possibilities you'd normally not be able attempt in the slippery, sexy shower.

This Single Locking Suction Handle from the Sex in the Shower collection makes sex in the shower easier and safer than ever with a large handle with two lock-down suction areas to achieve that perfect, classic position and add instant leverage and achieve perfect positions in your showers or bath.

Overall, try to keep shower sex relatively short, so you can head on to the bedroom to continue the fun!


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