Mastering the Art of Sex in the Shower!

Mastering the Art of Sex in the Shower! -

Sex in the shower can be beautiful and romantic like no other places. It does not have to be soapy with burnt eyes, prune fingers and cold bums that are pressed against the tiles. It can be way more sexy than even imagined. Yes, some find it awkward with lots of effort and slipping against each other as you attempt to find a stable, comfortable and pleasing position. The secret is to have fun with all the negatives. You cannot expect it to work like the normal sex on bed but you can surely find and learn the ways to make your bathroom sex in the shower the most memorable one.

Here are some tips to Master Sex in the Shower:

1. Set Up A Sexy Scene


Try and bring some extra element of seduction when it comes to bathroom sex. Take some time to make it romantic while adding candles, flower petals, massaging oils or music to the scene. You can enjoy the warm and aromatic bath together with your partner to start things off and relax your minds and bodies for the coming pleasure. The visual and sensory stimulation enhances the entire experience of sex in the bathroom and the added efforts of making the entire time romantic and sexy makes it more seductive and enjoyable.

2. Ladies First


For most men, a big part of what gets them in the mood is seeing their partner naked. The act of undressing itself can be seductive enough and when you throw in a little water - which in turn is a sex, wet, naked body - it takes things to a whole new level! Build up some anticipation by having her get in the shower first while you watch her standing under the warm water, lathering her sexy naked body before joining her in the shower to heat things up!

3. Soapy Seduction

set shower scene

Great foreplay leads to great sex and the same is true in the shower! Before diving into sex; first enjoy all the sensation of your two wet, naked bodies together.

Take time to wash each other, making sure to get extra soapy! As you clean your partner you will get to explore their whole body, touching places that may be hard to reach in the bedroom!

4. Go Down And Do Not Forget Oral

Great foreplay leads to great sex and same is true in the shower. Since you both feel fresh and clean when in the shower, better take advantage of the set up and do all the dirty things you have been wanting to do to each other ever since. Before diving directly into sex, enjoy all the sensations of you two while being wet and naked. Pleasure each other orally and increase the heat between the two. Either one of you can drop your knees and give immense pleasure to the other. You both can also take turns to return the favor. The feeling of warm water that trickles down your private parts which is added with your partner's oral prowess, can be enough to make you gush and feel pleased.


5. Pick Your Position

Now that the entire scene is created and the things have steamed up, you can go to the level of dirty deed and please each other by playing around with the positions. However, since shower sex is a bit tricky and things can go wrong if not careful, you have to pick the position that is comfortable and pleasurable at the same time for both of you. Some of the best positions to enjoy while in shower are:

  • Leg Lift: It is the standing up version of missionary where both of them face each other in the shower. The girl leans back towards the wall while the boy holds her with his elbow and he bends a bit with his knee to get the access. 
  • Standing Doggy In The Tub: In this position, the girl needs to bend over while holding the tub for support. She needs to bend a little bit for the man to let in his penis. This position is one of the safest as there is balance, comfort and pleasure at the same time. 
  • Standing Against The Wall: This is another doggy style position where the girl is facing towards the wall with her arms raised and pressed against it. She makes an arch of her lower back while thrusting the butt out to receive his weapon.


6. Mutual Masturbation While Using Some Props

You can also masturbate each other to heat things up as well as to prepare your parts for penetration like indulging in foreplay. The shower is one of the best places for masturbation because the suds and the water make it more sensual. Invest in some props like detachable shower, lubricants and sex toys so you can caress each other with them and up the sensual pleasures a few notches. There are a plethora of shower implements like waterproof toys to make the shower sex as pleasurable as you can.


7. A Helping Hand

Safe shower sex are the three words that you should keep in mind while you are under the shower in the bathroom with your lover. There are plenty of shower tools that can make your sex in the shower experience amazing. One of them is The Dual Locking Suction Handle that adds a lot of leverage and significantly improves the balance in a slippery shower. The others are Single Locking Suction Foot Rest and Single Locking Suction Handle that helps providing balance and makes sex in the shower easier and safer with your partner.



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