A Complete Indexed Guide of the Utterly Baffling Words of Modern Sexualities.

A Complete Indexed Guide of the Utterly Baffling Words of Modern Sexualities.

This is the time now where diverse varieties of sexual orientations that people fall. These orientations have evolved from a few counted on fingers and numbers as people's choices are getting too complicated. There are multiple factors affecting people to be compatible with their sexual depending on their sexual orientation. And these also affect the optimal sexuality of a person. Here are mostly sexual orientations mentioned, covered alphabetically.


When a person has total fluctuation in sexual orientation is said to be Abrosexual. Their choices vary from one day being homosexual, the other day being gay, and some days could be polysexual. The sexuality may vary more often than a normal person with the course. 


Despite their genders, Androxual is people who are sexually attracted to masculinity or male expressions shown by any gender. They particularly have no attraction to any other gender, no matter what sexual orientation and gender. 


When a person is sexually interested in their own body and ardently desires to have sex with it, they are called to be Autosexual. They perhaps have other interests, too but not necessarily as strong as their own body. 


These are the person who is romantically attracted to themselves and are in a relationship with themselves. They treat them that way by gifting themselves, going on a date, and playing the role of giving and receiving love by themselves. They could have a relationship with other but gives priority to themselves. 

Bambi Lesbian 

These are the females who are the least or have no desire for sexual intercourse. These come in the asexual spectrum who reject sex and completely prioritize affection and physical attraction, like hugs, holding hands, and kisses. Bambi's word denotes here as playfulness and choosing affection over any sexual attachment.


Those people who feel attracted romantically and emotionally to more than one gender but are not sexually attractive are referred to as biromantic. The attraction they feel is not sexually charged. Moreover, bisexuals who are into more than one gender and sexually charged can also be biromantic. 


These people rarely get attracted to somebody, but they don't do anything about it. Or in other words, they are not usually sexually attracted to anybody. They just desire to be in a sexual relationship. 


When somebody takes lots of attachment, a deep emotional attachment to get sexually attached to the other person, they are called Demisexual. These people perhaps take a strong connection even to get romantic feelings. 


The person who has an ace-spec identity in which they desire to be in a relationship without sexual intercourse. These people are not asexual as they are sexually attracted to the person.  

Find sexual

It is the opposite of androsexual. People in this category, of any gender, feel sexually attracted to femininity. These are not mainly when in women; any gender with feminine nature could possibly be. 


People who only are sexually tempted sometimes. These are not called asexual as they are not deprived of sexual attraction. And that is also why "grey" is used in the terms.  


Everything is the same as heteroflexible heterosexuals, but sometimes heteroflexible get attracted to their same gender too. And is the case with homoflexible where they are also attracted to the opposite gender sometimes. 


Asexual people can have no sexual attraction to anyone; they just agree to sexual intercourse without any sexual attraction. They are also sometimes called place or polysexual. They are not so different as they are open to any sexual persuasion. 


A person who desires romantic relationships which is not sexual or sensual. They are usually also asexual or non-sensual. 


They are the people that have a sexual relationship yet never have any sexual attraction, which is a portion of the ace spectrum. They even never get sexual desire for anyone. 

With sexual/Lithoromantic

A person who has a sexual appeal to someone who doesn't want it to reciprocate, and if that happens, their feelings fade, is called sexual. Similarly, a person who is romantically attracted, which they don't want to be reciprocated, is called Lithoromantic. 


When an androsexual is attracted to a non-masculine person of any gender, that is where these Minflexible orientations come into the picture. These occasionally occur to them.    


Those who are enticed by people whose gender is non-conforming and whose sex is not obvious by looking. 


These are the person with a desire to be with any gender despite the sex of sexual persuasions. They are appealed by different things in different genders depending on their taste in sexual preferences.  


These people are also omnipresent for sexual selections linking any gender uniqueness and sexual convincingness. The only difference is they are gender-blind, which means birth sex is unrelated to them.


As the name clarifies, they are seduced to four distinct genders at a single time; however, that differs with the number of genders. These specific four genders can also be varied. If they are tempted to five genders, the terms to be used here will be quintsexual.


They like the belief of sexually aroused and sexual activity, but that does not last for a long period of time and gets strongly sexually repelled.


A person could be relational sexual when they are appealed to by people who already are in a relationship. These people can be enticed to both the people in a connection, not necessarily on the same level - one could be more, and the other could be less.


Sapiosexuals are enticed to someone for their cleverness and not their physical appearance.


These personalities are tempted to a broad spectrum of sexual exposures and genders, but these are not enticed to all genders and sexualities.


These individuals are non-binary, but they are enticed to females solely.


These individuals are non-binary but are lured to men solely.


These someones are non-binary and are attracted to other non-binaries and men. They have no desire for women or even the feminine personality, even when they seem to like it.


A person's sexual and romantic desires vary within genders. If they are drawn romantically to men, they are perhaps sexually provoked by women.


Any sex or gender tempted to women will be called women sexual. Moreover, a woman cannot mainly be a biological woman.


Individuals are sexually called xensosexual when they are sexually appealed to by non-humans like aliens and robots. These lusts are rare to fulfill, so they can also settle with human sexual intercourse.


A married or committed person, with his/her's consent, cravings to have sex with another person, and/or their participation comes into this category.


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