Your Guide to "The New Guy" Sex

Your Guide to "The New Guy" Sex -
Your Guide to The New Guy Sex: You’ve been sending adorable WhatsApps to each other all week long, you’ve spent plenty of hours stalking his Facebook pics, and now you’ve waxed your naughty bits, he’s at your house and – damn – new-guy sex anxiety kicks in. At My Sex Shop we have listed a few things that might help you calm those nerves:
1 Relax, yes just RELAX
As crazy as it sounds, try to slow down a bit. The anxiety that comes with intercourse with a new guy is pretty much set and stone, but if you spend the entire day trying not to heave, chances are you’re not going to love it. So chill out. Put on some good tunes, pour something to drink and take a breath. Remember: it’s a marathon, not a race. You’re likely both extremely horny as hell, so why not extend foreplay out to ensure you’re both totally ready and feeling great and confident?
2 Share the things you're INTO
Believe me or not, he’s likely got serious performance anxiety going for him. So tell him what gets you going. If he is totally missing the spot, guide him, he will completely feel comfortable and not embarrassed. Besides that's how you get to know one another on another level. Give him a lot of verbal encouragement when he gets it right, and help him out when he doesn't. And if he totally doesn’t get the message, try a more direct ‘Do it like this’ while showing him how much it is turning you on when he nails a certain technique. Believe me, he won’t forget any time soon!
3 Don’t ignore embarrassing moments (whatever you do)!
Let's get real, real-life sex isn’t a Hollywood movie scene. Things happen, and while you may think ignoring it is the polite way forward, chances are it’s going to silently polluted the experience for both of you.
If, for example, he can’t unclip your bra, don’t kill the mood by letting him struggle. All you do is reach back and do it for him. At the more potentially humiliated end of the spectrum is the vaginal queef – that wind fart-like sound that happens when air rushes out of your vagina thanks to his thrusting. We all know that it happens to everyone, and we also know it’s totally natural, but that doesn’t make it any less awkward, does it?. The best way to deal with it? Laugh it off as much as you can – then get right back to what caused it in the first place.
4 Compliment Him
No, you really don’t need to tell him he’s a "sex god" if it was the worst sexy time you’ve ever had, but try to find something – literally anything! – to compliment him on. We are 100% certain he’ll file that little bit of info away for next time (should there is a next time). Men don’t only care about their own pleasures – they obtain huge satisfaction from getting you off. So even if you’re pretty sure this is going to be a once-off romp, help out the next girl he ends up with by letting him know what he should definitely keep in his repertoire.
5 Save your best sex moves for another time
Getting ridiculously good at sex is a team effort – it involves knowing each other’s bodies and knowing what the other person likes and dislikes. Pulling out the tricks you used on your long-term ex lover aren’t likely to work with New Guy because you don’t know each other’s desires that intimately yet. And it’s only going to lead to great disappointment. Give him – and you – a chance to get there naturally and then you will see things are going to get HOT!.
Comment below and tell us your story of your very first romp with the 'New Guy" - I would love to hear it!


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