Your Guide to "The New Guy" Sex

Your Guide to "The New Guy" Sex -

Having sex with a new guy can be exciting, nerve-wrackling, overwhelming, thrilling, wild or hot. Eventually, you both would learn about each other in bed and some of those jitters may start to melt away. If you are worried about what things to ask, what things to share, how to calm down your anxieties or what methods to use, we have some tips for sex with a new partner.

Acknowledge Awkward Moments

As crazy as it sounds, the new guy sex is surely stressful because what people worry about is what the new one would think of your body and what he would think of you. Try to take the process slowly. To rescue this stressful mood, be playful and maintain the attitude that suits the sex you are having. If the romance starts in an intense way, try making it light by slowly kissing him on his forehand and then on face and eventually making that romantic mood. 

To avoid the anxiety attack and the awkward feeling of banging someone new, practice a pre-sex conversation at least by a test as sometimes people feel scared or awkward talking about private things in person. The truth is you need to learn to have a conversation because that helps you choose the person that makes you feel comfortable and happy. Some communication is always helpful, noting that such talks do not kill spontaneity.

You can also try some mindful exercises to calm you down while having it with a new guy. Calming yourself down and centering the thoughts before having sex with a new person can be done while meditating or even reminding yourself that your body is capable of enjoying the pleasure. Relax yourself and enjoy the pleasure of hand massage, touching and kissing the body and going towards foreplay.

Slow Things Down

Rushing into any kind of sexual activity or intercourse before you are actually ready to step into the process can unlikely be as good as you have imagined. But it is very important with a new partner because you do not know each other and your bodies so closely. Sex with someone new is a little different so taking it slow can surely help. Also, you might want to warm yourself up on your own or engage in some solo play with the help of some sex toys. You get a lot of options to try with your partner too when it comes to adult toys.  

People think that foreplay is less important but everyone should understand that sex does not start and end with a hard penis. Making all the intimate activities before you jump to sexual intercourse heightens the pleasure. Talking and cuddling before and after sex is also advisable. Also, do not be afraid of taking breaks when you feel it is necessary. If things are getting hot or you notice that you are feeling distracted, ask for a break and start up again later.

Share What Has Worked For You In The Past

Believe it or not but he is also facing a serious performance anxiety when he is indulging with you for the first time. So tell him what you really like and what gets you going. If he is missing some spot that makes you wild, direct him to do it that way and encourage him when he nails a certain technique. He will completely be normal and will not be embarrassed. Besides, that is the way you get to know each other's liking in terms of sex. 

If you are struggling to give directions in the bed, turn towards your past and start generating the right words to use. Make sure you certainly share what you have liked in bed and not who you have liked in bed. Focus on the sensations that you were getting pleasure from rather than focusing on the partner who used to give them to you. It is also important to have a conversation before jumping directly into sex. Share your yes and nos which will give a clearer picture of what you both are into.

Feeling Insecure About Your Appearance? Remember That You Are Wanted

Some people struggle with a lot of body image problems. Some women will not even attempt certain positions because of their insecurities towards their body. The key towards getting rid of these insecurities is to shift the perspective a bit towards positivity. Always remember that the person who chose you to spend time with him and indulge with him into sexual intercourse has seen you earlier and chosen you with the clothes that you are wearing. Reminding ourselves above all concerns that you are wanted with whatever body appearance issues you have can help ease the situation. 

If the anxieties are troubling you, discuss it with your partner. Tell him that you are sensitive about this body part and please take care in grabbing it. Go out of your way and make sure your partner pays special attention to the part that you feel insecure about. Plus, there are a lot of benefits in loving the body that you have. A recent scientific review which says that there is a positive link between body image and sexual well-being. According to the survey, women in particular feel anxious about their body and by working on their anxiety and feeling good about their bodies, they experience a better and positive sexual life.


It is surely an awkward moment banging a new guy. But with few conversations before and after sex can lead to a normal and exciting sex altogether. Aftercare is also something that is worth spending. Caressing each other, talking about what has actually happened and appreciating the way he carried you or loved you, sharing the new experience that you have felt was great and none of your previous partners have done the way he did, in short being real and honest ends the romantic meet in a positive way. In fact, this might grow a second chance of an exciting sex again and learning more about the intimate things of each other.


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