Project Sexus - Worlds Biggest Sex Habit Investigation

Project Sexus - words biggest sex habit investigation. -

The words biggest sex habit investigation has just been concluded in Copenhagen.

A total of 62.675 persons in the age of 15-89 years participated.
  • Questions relating to subjects such as a bending penis, masturbation taboo, adultery and disappointment with your genitals were answered. 
The investigation was concluded in corporation between the Danish university of Aalborg and the Danish Serum Institute. 
Some of the conclusions are uplifting where others are quite surprising.
  • There is no need to feel depressed with a bending penis as it is a condition in 10% in all men.
  • 3% of all women between 25-54 years old have opted for a breast enhancement.
  • 13 % of all woman are not satisfied with the look of their breast with the majority being in the younger age group.

Both sexes are not happy with the look of their sex organs.

  • 93 % of men are straight and 90% of women are straight.
  • Only 1.5% of men feel that they are homosexual , and only 0.6 % of women feel that they are lesbian. 
  • 57 % of homosexual men have experienced bulling compared to 37% of homosexual women.
  • 96% of all men have done masturbation compared to 87% of all women
  • 36% of all women believe that they orgasm is better with solo play compared to only 11% with men.
  • 93% of all men find inspiration in porn compared to 63% in women.

  • Every 5 man will view porn without a physical urge compared to only 1 in 20 women.
  • 8% of men and 10% of women feel shameful when masturbating,  the rest enjoy it.
  • 22% of all men have paid for a sexual service compared to 0.2% of all women 9% of all women have been online dating compared to 22% of men.

Men are to be trusted less than women:

  • 23% of all men in relationship have done adultery compared to 14% of women
  • 5% of all men have only had sex with 1 partner compared to 10% of all women.
  • Only 3% in both sexes believe that adultery is acceptable.


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