Best Ways for Men to Masturbate: 15 Expert Tips

Best Ways to Masturbate

Masturbation is a natural and healthy part of sexual wellness, and discovering the best way to masturbate can enhance sexual satisfaction. Self-pleasing is not only a way to discover one's body, but it is also a means of changing the level of sexual satisfaction. If you are after a change in the speed of your masturbation sessions or you feel like trying out something new, you can get some professional advice to help you make your masturbation game better.

There are so many ways to discover pleasure points, such as techniques that focus on these points, sex toys that can be included, or mindful exploration. That's a whole alternative world to a person.

In this article, we will explain 15 successful tips from the experts that will make your self-pleasure journey more enjoyable.

These hints, supported by the opinion of sexual health experts, are designed to make the experience of sexual activity fulfilling and enjoyable and to promote a positive approach to sexual health benefits.

Let's consider the most effective ways men can masturbate and discover new levels of pleasure and self-discovery.

How should Men Masturbate?

Masturbation for men can be diverse, agreeing to each individual's recurrence, inclinations, charisma, and way of life variables. There is no single reply, as normal behaviour contrasts from individual to individual. Ordinarily, the number of times you masturbate is an individual matter that is chosen, concurring with your claim consolation level and sexual needs. 

For a few men, it is affirmed if they masturbate once a day or a few times a week, and it is not terrible for them. In this way, it implies discharging sexual pressure to fulfil one's fantasies and accomplish self-pleasure. On the other hand, over-the-top masturbation that meddles with everyday life causes physical distress or influences connections, which may be an implication of reexamining the propensities. 

The primary thing to do is to be mindful of your body's messages. If you are feeling the required to masturbate and it does not influence you contrarily or your obligations, at that point, it is likely alright. On the other hand, if you are compulsively masturbating to bargain with stretch or feelings, it is more sensible to look for offer assistance or counsel from a proficient.

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How to Please a Man?

To please a man by masturbating, first of all, it is essential to communicate openly about desires and preferences. Delve into visual stimulation, like lingerie or erotic talk, to increase arousal. Introduce lubricants and toys for added sensation and variety. 

Find what works best for you. Try different speeds and pressures. Look for other erogenous zones like nipples or the perineum. One of the key aspects of discovering the best way to masturbate is experimenting with different techniques.

Make him use relaxation techniques and tell him to concentrate on having fun instead of just going for orgasms. Respect the limits, focus on comfort, and establish a secure, non-judgmental setting for a satisfying self-pleasure experience.

Here are some points to consider when pleasing a man and achieving an orgasm.

How to Make a Guy Orgasm

To help a guy achieve orgasm:

  • Understand his desires and boundaries.
  • Focus on mutual pleasure with kissing, touching, and oral stimulation.
  • Experiment with different positions, speeds, and sensations.
  • Engage all senses through seductive gestures, scents, and ambience.
  • Use rhythmic movements and focus on erogenous zones like the penis, testicles, and perineum.
  • Pay attention to his arousal levels and adjust accordingly.
  • Create a comfortable and stress-free environment to enhance pleasure.
  • Show care and affection post-orgasm to nurture emotional connection.

Also, if you would like to masturbate in the shower, then follow these things.

Masturbate in the Shower

  • Adjust water temperature for comfort and avoid irritation.
  • Use a water-based lubricant for smoother stimulation.
  • Explore comfortable positions for easy access.
  • Utilise water flow for added sensation.
  • Experiment with varying speeds and pressures.
  • Incorporate visual stimuli like fantasies or erotica.
  • Clean up afterwards for hygiene.
  • Use a non-slip mat for safety precautions.
  • Enjoy the relaxing and sensual atmosphere of the shower for enhanced pleasure.

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15 Expert Tips on the Best Ways to Masturbate

Here are 15 expert tips on the best ways to masturbate that can improve your self-pleasure journey.

Get into the Right Mood

Dim the lights, play soothing music, or use scented candles to create the mood. Unwinding your mind and body can increase the pleasure. The right mood can make the experience more pleasant and satisfying. 

Change Positions

Exploring various positions makes your solo play more enjoyable. Whether you are standing, sitting, or lying down, switching positions can stimulate different areas and intensify sensations, resulting in a more satisfying experience. 

Switch Hands

Try using your non-dominant hand. Try twisting using your fore-fingers. Try placing your penis on your stomach and holding it with one hand. Rub your penis with the fingers of the other hand like a shaft.

Experiment with Different Strokes

To reach the finish line, switch up the grip and use different stroking speeds. Avoid using the death grip.

Movement in Hips Helps

Including hip movements in your self-pleasure routine can make it more lively, thus increasing stimulation and arousal.

Go Beyond the Penis

The other areas that can be sensitive are nipples, inner thighs, or neck. Lifting these zones can boost your arousal and pleasure, thus giving you a new perspective on the experience by using vibrators

Try other Erogenous Zones

The prostate is a susceptible area that, when it gets stimulated, can bring about very intense pleasure and even prostate orgasms. The prostate massager is a way of finding out about your sexual limits, and it will make you feel more happy and satisfied.

Use a Lubricant 

Lubricant reduces friction and improves glide to help you experience a smoother and more comfortable time.

Use Sex Toys

Sex toys like masturbators, vibrators, or prostate massagers can make your solo play more exciting. It offers varied and heightened sensations, therefore leading to more intense orgasms. Using suitable toys can make a significant difference in finding the best way to masturbate. 


Edging is the act of getting oneself closer to orgasm and then stopping for some time to prolong the pleasure. This means that it can make the orgasms more intense, and it will increase the satisfaction.

Explore other Erotica Medium

Erotic literature, videos, or audio are the means of erotic literature to stimulate your imagination, fantasies, and arousal, which, in turn, enhance your solo play experience.  

Use your Imagination

Dreaming or imagining situations related to your interests can raise excitement and make the whole experience more attractive and fulfilling.  

Don't Worry about Orgasms

Centre your attention on the pleasure of self-enjoyment instead of just pursuing orgasms. Relax, have a look, and enjoy the feeling of the sensations without being obsessed with getting a specific result. Experts suggest that the best way to masturbate involves paying attention to your body's responses.

Breathwork and Relaxation Techniques

Apart from the deep breathing and relaxation techniques, which can be used to improve mindfulness, cut stress, and make the pleasure bigger during masturbation sessions, the incorporation of these techniques can also help to find the best way to masturbate.

Mutual Masturbation with Partner

This is the process where you pleasantly do it to yourself and, at the same time, watch your partner do it. It is small, creates a platform to talk about needs, and can ultimately develop sexual connection and exploration. It is a secure way of experiencing common delight while respecting boundaries.

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What are the best positions for male masturbation?

The best positions are different for each individual, according to their preference. These are the main ones for the majority: lying down, sitting, kneeling, and standing.

Is using lubricant necessary for male masturbation?

Although lubricants are not compulsory, they can improve sensations and wrinkle friction, resulting in a softer and happier experience. Water-based lubricants are the best for most men since they are allowed to be used with condoms and sex toys.

How can men incorporate toys into their masturbation routine?

Men can have a lot of toys to play alone. They can use masturbators, vibrators, or prostate massagers, to add newness and intensity to their solitary play.


In summary, exploring and understanding the best way to masturbate can lead to a more fulfilling sexual experience.

Discovering the right way to manage the male masturbation frequency is essential for the well-being of the whole person. Those interested in improving their solo play or making new experiences can explore My Sex Shop, which offers high-quality toys and accessories.

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