Top 5 Anal Sex Toys for Men: Beginner's Guide

anal sex toys for men

Using anal sex toys for men for the first time might be a bit off the track, but if you understand the basics, it can be a lot of fun. It is very normal to know there's nothing wrong with men enjoying anal stimulation. To guarantee a safe and comfortable encounter, keep a few things in mind, both emotionally and physically.

The anus of a man has many nerve endings. Stimulating this area can lead to intense pleasure and powerful orgasms. But sadly, many men are taught that any interest in anal play means being "gay." This is completely deceiving and without any sense.

Anal toys, including vibrators and toys, are designed exclusively for anal activity. They are intended to deliver enjoyment without discomfort or danger of damage. These toys have a particular foundation that keeps them from being disoriented inside, which is not only humiliating but also dangerous.

Before you begin, it is critical to select the appropriate toy for you. This includes thinking about what size and form will be most comfortable for you. Smaller sizes are usually better when you are just starting out.

Now, let's look at some starting suggestions for using anal sex toys for men in a safe and pleasant manner. Read long for a better experience with anal toys!

10 Best Tips for Anal Sex

Below are some pro tips for men who want to engage in anal sex to satisfy themselves:

Enthusiastic Consent

Anyone involved in anal sex must be a resounding "yes." If you're not fully enthusiastic, it's perfectly okay to decline.

Letting Go of Expectations

Rather than fixating on full penetration, relish in anticipation and arousal. Sometimes, it takes a few attempts to discover what works best.

Embracing Body Positivity

Your body, including your buttocks, is beautiful. Despite any insecurities, relax and appreciate the experience.

Relaxation Techniques

To ease nerves, practice deep, intentional breathing.  It promotes mental calmness and relaxation.

Slow and Steady

Move slowly to prevent discomfort. If necessary, pause and adjust for comfort.

Starting Small

Begin with smaller items, like a lubricated finger, before progressing to toys with a flared base for safety.


Opt for generous use of silicone-based lube for smoother and longer-lasting comfort unless using silicone toys.

Avoid Sudden Movements

To prevent any injury or painful moments, do not make sudden movements during anal penetration.

Butt Plug Preparation

Prior to full penetration, practice with a butt plug to feel the sensation. 

Prostate Stimulation

For individuals with a penis, tightness can offer pleasure, while stimulating the prostate can enhance satisfaction for the receiver.

    Benefits of anal sex for men 

    Trying anal sex can offer various benefits for men, both physically and emotionally. Below mentioned are the ten key benefits of anal sex for men:

    No Pregnancy Concerns

    Rest assured, anal intercourse does not result in reproduction or pregnancy. This makes it a worry-free choice for people who want to enjoy themselves without the chance of becoming pregnant.

    Sex While Pregnant

    Pregnancy can make vaginal intercourse difficult due to the developing baby. Nonetheless, sexual desire persists. Anal sex provides a pleasant alternative to vaginal penetration. Gentle entry into the anal cavity helps relieve strain on the muscles that support the abdomen, which is especially important while pregnant.

    Relaxation of the groin muscles

    Penile flexibility is heavily influenced by the groin region, which is where the thighs meet the trunk. Anal intercourse softly massages the groin area when the penis enters the anal canal, encouraging relaxation and suppleness in these muscles.

    Body Stretching postures

    Anal sex toys provide a variety of postures for stretching and flexing the whole body. This can lead to increased pleasure and a more intimate connection between lovers.

    Emotional Intimacy

    The act of having anal intercourse can result in a strong sensation of intimacy. The anus is a deeply personal region of the body, and sharing this sensation can help lovers develop their emotional relationships.

    Simultaneous Stimulation

    Anal sex allows for simultaneous stimulation of both the A-spot and the G-spot, which increases pleasure for both participants.

    Exceptional Orgasms

    Many people describe having powerful and exceptional orgasms during anal intercourse. This can result in high levels of pleasure among both men and women.

    Digestive System Activation

    Studies have revealed that anal intercourse activates the digestive system. The thrusting action of anal penetration can activate nerves related to the intestines, resulting in improved digestion.

    Exercise for the Spinal Cord

    Regular anal sex might help to strengthen and stretch the spine. The direct force used during anal penetration helps to preserve spinal strength.

      Anal sex may strengthen emotional bonds as lovers traverse uncharted territory and meet one other's demands. Couples should approach anal sex with empathy, patience, and a focus on developing trust and closeness in their relationship.

      Best Anal Sex Toys for Men

      Here are the best anal sex toys for men, along with their pros and cons:

      1. Butt Plug


      This butt plug is efficiently designed to mimic the sensation of analingus, also known as rimming. It comes in different sizes and rotating beads that specifically target the anal opening, which is rich in nerve endings. Thus, it provides ultimate pleasure to the user and stimulates their anal nerves. Users report feeling euphoric with the combination of internal vibration and external anal stimulation.


      • Hypoallergenic and safe for use with all types of lubricants.
      • Provides pleasurable G-spot or prostate stimulation.
      • The borosilicate glass can be cooled or heated. It is for added temperature play.


      • Beginners can have difficulty due to its size and intensity.
      • Requires careful cleaning and maintenance.

      2. Dildo

      This glass toy is designed for anal play, providing a "full" sensation due to its firmness and lack of flexibility. It can easily be cooled or heated for pleasurable temperature play. Generally, there are many other materials as well, apart from glass. These anal sex toys for men also come in various sizes and shapes that enhance the pleasure dose. It offers a unique, unyielding sensation that some users find highly pleasurable.


      Allows for a firm and intense sensation during use.

      • It can be cooled or heated for added sensation.
      • Made from special glass or other materials, ensuring safety during use.


      • It is not suitable for beginners due to its size and firmness.
      • Requires careful handling to avoid potential breakage.

      3. Douche

      Anal douching is a way of flushing out the rectum with water, saline, or other liquids, particularly popular after sex among men who have sex with men (MSM). Douches like water bulbs or enema bags are common and popular for anal douching.


      • Provides a feeling of cleanliness and relaxation before anal sex.
      • It may reduce contact with faeces during intercourse, potentially lowering infection risks.


      • Over-douching can disrupt the natural balance of rectal bacteria.
      • Sharing douching equipment or toys can lead to infections.

      4. Fire & Ice

      Fire & Ice is a kind of lubricant that creates alternating feelings of warmth and cold during sexual activities, including anal play. These lubricants help to improve sensory stimulation and make one aroused during sexual activity. These lubricants are available in various bases like water-based, silicone-based, and hybrid compositions to satisfy various preferences and sensitivities of the user. 


      • This sort of lubricant can increase pleasure and sensory stimulation, bringing enthusiasm to anal interactions.
      • The warming impact increases blood flow and sensitivity, while the cooling feeling provides a tingling and pleasant experience for the user.


      • Some persons may be sensitive to the warming or cooling effects, so try a small amount of lubricant first and proceed with caution.

      5. Penis Clone

      A penis clone is a mould-based duplicate of a person's penis. It's frequently used as a sex toy for solitary play or incorporated into couple activities. Penis clones may be created from a myriad of materials, like silicone and rubber, to replicate the texture and feel of a real penis. 

      They may be customized in size, shape, and colour to meet individual choices and preferences. Penis clones are utilized for visual and tactile stimulation during anal play, creating a realistic experience for people who appreciate lifelike sensations. 


      • A penis clone can give a genuine sensation to people who prefer visual and physical stimulation during anal play.


      • Creating a penile clone needs specialized kits and may not properly reproduce all elements of the original penis.


      If you are afraid or hesitant to experience anal sex, don't be. The correct set of anal sex toys for men may lead to a world of pleasure and joy. Whether you're a newbie or an experienced enthusiast, MySexShop has a diverse selection of high-quality anal toys to improve your encounters. It offers anal training kits for progressive exploration as well as prostate massagers for focused stimulation according to every desire and comfort level.

      With discreet shipping, best customer service, and a commitment to your happiness, MySexShop is your trusted partner in discovering the joys of anal play.


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