How to Choose the Best Lube for Sex: Types of Lubricants, Pros and Cons

How to Choose the Best Lube for Sex: Types of Lubricants, Pros and Cons

 Have you ever inflicted pain during a sexual session with your partner or even masturbating with a sex toy? Then you know why having a sound lubricant matters during sexual sessions. A lubricant can make the sex feel better and help with problems like vaginal dryness and relax anal muscles during anal sex.

 According to a sex expert and host of the podcast-@SexWithDrJess, “Lube is fundamental to smokin’ hot sex. This is because your options for stroking, pulsing, squeezing, twisting, rubbing, grinding, and kissing multiply exponentially increases when you’re both nice and wet.” 

So, using lube makes sense for your sexual pleasure and even to protect your genitals from damages. But, there is always a question with lubes- Which one to use?

There are many different types of lubricants in the market which are made from other bases like, 

  • Water
  • Silicone
  • Oil
  • Natural

  • Here we will explore each type of lubes with pros and cons to help you choose the right one.

    #1. Water-based Lubricant

    One of the most common sex lubricants is water-based. They are readily available and offer great lubrication, mostly if you use sex toys made from silicone. They are tasteless and feel organic. So, using a water-based lube for oral sex is more fantastic than any other lube.


    Skin-friendly- Water-based lubes have water as the primary ingredient, which gets absorbed in the skin easily. So, it is highly skin-friendly and protects the gentle skin from damages during sex.

    Natural Lubrication- This lube is also made from organic elements like carrageenan or aloe vera, which improves lubrication’s longevity and moisturizes the skin.

    Ease of Condoms- Oil-based or silicone-based lubes make condoms slippery during sex, while water-based lubes are incredibly compatible with condoms.

    Sex Toys Usage- Water-based lubes are considered the best for sex toys as they offer anti-slip attributes.


    Quick Dryout- With water-based lubricants, there is always a quick-dry-out problem than an oil-based lube.

    Osmolarity- Due to too much water as the main ingredient, active particles are aggregated on the skin leading to infections.

    Not for bathing- It is not an ideal lube to use during sex in a shower or masturbation in the bathroom as the running water can wash the lube away. 

    2. Silicone-based Lubricant

    Silicone is an excellent material for creating sex toys, but in a lubricant form, they are one of the most slippery lubes to use. It might not be that great for intercourse or usage of sex toys for the vagina, but if you use masturbators for men, it is one of the best options in the market.


    Non-vagina Usage- Silicone-based lubricants are best for non-vaginal intercourse or other sexual activities like anal sex.

    Suitable Under Water- You can use such lubricants easily in the shower or bath without worrying about the wash-off.

    Great With Latex- Silicone won’t degrade latex condoms and are also free of potentially irritating glycols and glycerin to make it a perfect lube for BDSM activities.


    Slippery Lube- It is an excellent lubricant for non-vaginal intercourse, but not for regular sex activities as the condom slips due to slippery characteristics.

    Not for Sextoys- It damages the sex toys by solidifying on the external surfaces.

    #3. Oil-based Lubricant

    Oil-based lubricant for one-time use, and if you are not the one that keeps reapplying the lube again during the sex, it is the best option. They are also one of the best lubes when you want lubrication and massaging oil at the same time.


    Dual Advantage- It can be used for lubrication and massaging oil at the same time. Oil-based lubes are also great for moisturizing the skin.

    Natural Elements- Oil-based lubes are mostly made from natural oils and are an excellent option for someone who wants a natural alternative to silicone.


    Not for Condoms- Oil-based lubricants can cause wear and tear in condoms and is terrible for sex toys due to staining issues.

    #4. Natural Lubricants

    Natural lubricants are mostly made from organic elements, and they are in the purest forms. Take an example of the cold-pressed coconut oil that acts as a natural lubricant for sexual activities.


    Like Oils, most of the natural lubricants are identical to oil-based lubes, so they have the same advantage of massaging along with lubrication. There are also no preservatives or harmful chemicals as these are cold-pressed oils.


    Non-Compatible to Condoms- Like oil-based lubes, these lubricants are not compatible with condoms and, if not cleaned properly after use, can cause infections.


    Whether you choose a natural lubricant or silicone-based lube for your sexual activities, the process of lubrication is not the one that you can ignore. It is one of the essential parts of a sexual session, and there are many advantages. For example, lubrication can lead to sensual massage that helps in improving the sex drive during foreplay. So, don’t let your sex be bogged down by dryness when you can lubricate it with the best lubricants.


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