How to Rub the Clitoris: Beginner's Guide

How to Rub Clitoris
Most of us males find it hard to find the pleasure spots of our partner; thus, female pleasure has often been neglected. Hence, it's necessary to understand that It is vital for women, and everyone in general, to know how to rub the clitoris, as this not only improves the pleasures of intercourse but allows women to arouse better and have a natural sex drive.

However, people often misunderstand its essence and can occasionally be left out or even misunderstood due to a lack of awareness.

The purpose of this guide is to explore rather detailed and yet easy-to-understand information for a noob on how to achieve partner satisfaction in the best way. Through learning the various methods and busting the myths that are not true, this guide will work with you to help make the experience a more satisfying and enjoyable one for your partner.

If you are all about positive sexual health and intimacy, then here are the tips listed below to help you enhance your experience. 

What is a Clitoris?

The clitoris is a pear-shaped organ located at the topmost of the vulva and is commonly known as the seat of female pleasure or desire. It is a small, elastic, and erectile organ in the female genitalia which lies near the apex of the vulval triangle.

Even though the head is located outside the body as a small, round bump, about 90% of the clitoris is hidden inside like a treasure. It is vital in female sexual satisfaction and contains as many nerve endings as no other part of a man’s body.

Where is the Clit?

The small dot-like structure of the clitoris, which is visible, is referred to as the glans, and it sits behind a flap of skin known as the clitoral hood. Internal components are the clitoral shaft, which goes deeper into the body and the crura, which are the two fleshy gates located at the side of the vaginal opening.

We are teaching you anatomy because of the objective to understand the magic of clitoral stimulation. It is sensitive to touch, pressure, and vibrations, and the critical stimulation techniques include touching, massaging, and tapping, which causes orgasms during sex.

How to Find Your Clitoris?

The best method we would suggest that use your middle finger first, put it in between both the outer lips and slide upwards in a straight line to the top. Remember to be in the line of outer lips; only then will you find the clitoral hood first. Just lift it, and there you are voila!

You, therefore, have enough knowledge and emphasise what should be done during those moments to improve the sexual experience. Whether you are a partner or just single but want to have orgasms, this blog is definitely for you.

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Is G-spot and Clitoris Same?

The G-spot cannot be considered as a synonym for the clitoris, although both are important for female sexual satisfaction. The clitoris is mainly an external part but has the highest density of nerve endings; therefore, it is very sensitive to any pressure and contact.

On the other hand, the G-spot refers to a spongy structure within the vagina that is firm to the touch and is about 2-3 cm in from the vaginal opening. It is named after Ernst Gräfenberg, who published several papers on this structure in the 1950s. The G-spot is an area that is accepted to be one of the body regions that can cause substantial sexual pleasure and deep orgasms to be attained. 

This means that G-Spot can be found on other parts of the female body, too. Stimulating lesser-known erogenous parts of the body (ears, nipples, neck, elbows, knees, etc.) can also be a pleasurable experience when kissed and played.

Thus, the G-spot and the clitoris, though located in different areas, are closely related and can build upon each other. Other researchers argue that certain pleasure points inside the body may be associated with the clitoris – especially during G-spot stimulation. Knowledge of such areas of soft moans and fun and their cooperation can be useful for attaining broader, fuller and more fulfilling orgasms.

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How to Rub the Clitoris?

To put things at a glance, it is necessary to understand that clitoral stimulation varies from one person to another, so trying new things now and then is for your fun and pleasure, but with our experts, the following pleasure tips to stimulate the clitoris will help you achieve euphoria for sure. 

Never Feel Guilty about Masturbation. 

You read right: the idea of not knowing what to even request from your partner if you still haven’t discovered what sexually turns you on is an issue that has been raised by Diana Sadat, a sex therapist and clinical counsellor in Vancouver, British Columbia. To sex, she said, masturbating gives one a chance to know their own body and areas that are sensitive and feel good.

‘The onset responses may suggest that changing in round patterns feels better than up and down. You may find that you prefer the inner labia over the clitoris or when direct stimulation is preferred,’ says Sadat.

That is, fondant can turn into a situation where one can fondle the other, so it is suitable from another perspective.

Begin Steady and Gentle

The one universal tip for clitoral fun: This is especially important if you have not done any exercise in the day or just woke up from a couch: stretch yourself and let your body wake up.

Your clitoris remains numbed for a while before it gets erect and blood circulation begins. As you approach the area, rub all around your clitoris and circle your fingers on your labia without touching the clitoris at first, at least a little bit before you are ready for that.

If you are going to touch your clit, then you should use gentle motions initially when stimulating it. Then, state the pressure or pace at which it is required by the body, particularly during the second half.

Try Reaching out Clit Inside

If you enjoy penetration or deep fingers, why not try rubbing the clit from the inside?

Insert your finger about a third of the way from the vulva opening and play gently. You will have a mix of pressure and stimulation on the front (or upper) wall to see what feels good. Though it may take some practice and unease to locate, once you achieve it can be well worth it if you find that trigger spot that brings in leg tremors and moans.

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Tips for Men to Stimulate Women’s Clit

Alright, guys, buckle up. Here are the best ways of steamy pleasure and give her what she deserves and craves for.

How to Massage the Clitoris?

The people who like clit plays each time may enjoy it in their unique way: some prefer direct contact with the clitoral glans, but others might prefer this to be done away from this area. Because some women complained that the clitoral glans were too sensitive to be rubbed, we suggest that you circle the glans inside the clitoral hood or the shafts of the clitoris.

Try The Best Clitoral Stimulators 

“Picture the clit in clock shape, and the twelve o’clock position is nearer to the belly button than the six o’clock position, which is nearer to the vaginal opening,” as explained above. “Slide the finger or the sex toys on their clit clockwise, beginning from the twelve o’clock position and moving in circles gradually while you tell them to be specific and let you know if the clit is feeling good at any position. If you master this technique, you will be the man of her dreams!

Techniques that Work are Staying Consistent

As they wisely say, don't fix it if it ain’t broke. However, we can always agree that this can be very discomforting. The most common frustrating thing that men do is alter things just far too much. Since changing behaviours is what disturbs regular fun because once you identify what works, stick with it; it’s not necessary to confuse and try new things every day if they don't work.

Make a Peace Sign

Use your fingers in such a way that they form a circle with your index and middle. Remember, they are well lubed; now run this over the inside edge of what we know as the outer lip of the vulva, around the inner labia. This is where you are massaging the extended internal structure of the clitoral gland, giving the orgasm she deserves.


It is simple to conclude that how to rub the clitoris plays a crucial part when it comes to healthy and enjoyable sex or even masturbation, which boosts intimacy, communication, and a sense of well-being.

Understanding the clit can help you satisfy your partner. Learn from this guide different techniques to stimulate the clitoris in a better way. Get to know how to rub and massage the clitoris in the right way for increased pleasure. 

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