The Science Behind Oral Sex & Why We Love It!

The Science Behind Oral Sex & Why We Love It! -

Oral Sex is the sensation where reproductive genitals of men and women does not come in direct contact. Have you ever thought why human beings prefer oral sex although it does not have to do anything with evolutionary part. The question of why people prefer oral sex is no brainer because it feels damn good. It gives multiple orgasms to men and women and also is the best option for foreplay. But the recent study by doctors and scientists shows why engaging frequently in oral sex is also good for your health and mind.

The Scientific Reason Behind Having Oral Sex 

The science talks about oral sex and states the reasons why men and women should get indulged in oral sex

For Women Swallowing Semen Is Good 

There is an evolutionary explanation in the Journal of Reproductive Immunology saying that swallowing semen of men can make women's body accustomed to his DNA so that her immune system gets familiar with the foreign comer. This helps during pregnancy as the immune system will not act up when there foreign particles enter the body. There are plenty of pregnancy disorders that stem from recognizing the father's gene as foreign comer and having them beforehand while performing blow jobs will help women out during pregnancy.

Giving Blow Job Fights Morning Sickness

Giving blow jobs to your partner fights against morning sickness and nausea which is surely true. The turning point here is, women giving blow job to men should be the same men that got her pregnant and swallowing his semen can make her feel fresh and get her away from nausea. It is also believed that apart from fighting morning sickness, swallowing semen can help prevent pregnancy issues in the body of a woman as it is a healthy dose.


It Eliminates Sperm Competition And Keeps Couples Away From Cheating

Another reason people love having oral sex is it keeps the couple away from cheating each other. It is a fact that women tend to orgasm more frequently while receiving oral sex compared to penetrative sexual activity so if her life is filled with orgasms from cunnilingus then it is less likely for her to go some place else for any sexual activity and so the sperm competition between various men is also eliminated. It's the theory that if you are getting a whole package from a single man at home, why search for the same thing elsewhere.  


Reasons Why Men And Women Love Oral Sex


Getting Aroused By Making Your Partner Feel Good

It is a fact that you feel aroused while seeing your partner getting that pleasure. Thus, masturbating is also considered in foreplay as watching your partner masturbate and getting to see them in pleasure arouses you to another level. Giving oral sex on the other side also gives pleasure as you feel like you are a good and attentive lover. For some people, making their partner orgasm with their mouth also gives joy and gratification in making their partner feel good. 

Gain An Ego Boost Or A Desired Sense Of Dominance

To some people the act of giving pleasure by oral sex is a power trip. For some people it might be like a sense of control they get from having their partner's most delicate, lovable and important part in their mouth. They think that by having it in the mouth, they have the potential to not only give them pleasure and make them feel good but also hurt them. This power can give thrills to some people, thus, preferring to give pleasure rather than receive it.

Insecure And Ashamed Of Their Genitals 

There are a lot of people who love giving pleasure to their partner rather than receiving it. One of the common reasons is they are ashamed or insecure of their genitals. They are self conscious of how they smell or taste to their partner. They feel good to give an oral sex to their partner because while receiving it they cannot focus on the pleasure they are receiving due to the shame. 

Every vagina smells and tastes different and all kinds of odors are normal. If you feel any change, contact the gyno doctor because surely they know each bit of it.

Enjoy And Feel Good With The Sensation Of Using Their Mouth

There are some people who like having something in their mouth be it gum or their partner's genitals. The textures and the tastes associated with having oral sex is turn on for many of them. It can be very erotic and hot at the same time for many of them when their mouths are full of receptors and nerve endings of their loved ones.


Receiving Oral Sex Make Them Feel Uncomfortable

There are two pointers for being uncomfortable while having oral sex. First, the sociocultural beliefs of some people drives home the sentiment that receiving pleasure by oral sex is dirty, inappropriate and sinful which ultimately will lead to discomfort. They are the ones who emphasize purity in their sexual life. Second, oral sex being extremely intimate is preferred by some people to give then receive on an individual emotional level. Giving is always a preference for such people because receiving involves emotional weight, negative body image, different views on sexuality and feeling the pleasure. However, there are different ways that can help you lean deeper into the act of enjoying receiving it if that's what you want. 


If you are satisfied in giving oral sex and not receiving it due to the negative reasons mentioned above, it needs to be given a thought with calm mind. You need to take a deeper look into the emotional side of your body. Communicating with your partner, talking to some therapist or consulting a doctor can also be very helpful. You may want to allow yourself to enjoy the chance of experiencing the sensation that is extremely awesome for many men and women.


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