10 Christmas-themed Sex Gifts To Spice Up Love This Holiday Season

10 Christmas-themed Sex Gifts To Spice Up Love This Holiday Season

It's Christmas time! This holiday season makes your relationship spicy through some Christmas-themed sex gifts for your partner. 

Why spicing up your relationships is essential? 

According to a study in 2017, there is a correlation between intimacy and well-being between couples. So, having great sex is not just a fantastic feeling but also healthier for your relationship. 

Christmas holidays are the right time to spend with your partner and rekindle that love. A Christmas-based sex gift set can trigger your need to rejuvenate intimacy and have healthier relationships. 

So, let’s not waste time and discuss some of the best Christmas-themed sex gifts that you can leverage to spice up relationships this holiday season. 

#1. Being Playful

This Christmas, there is no harm in getting naughty and spicing up your relationships. Imagine a vibrating toy that you can stimulate your partner through erogenous touch and have fantastic sex. This is where you need to leverage the master of seduction- “Come Closer Clit & Body Massager.”

It is a rechargeable wand massager that you can use to stimulate the clitoris and other erogenous zones through vibrating sensations. So, for example, you can use such a massager for foreplay to improve the erotic stimulations. However, if you are looking to make such playful moments more exciting, here is a set from the same brand which you can try.

#2. Next-level Sensations

Think about Christmas eve, and your partner is up for some sensual pleasure, with you being the Santa that grants all the wishes. Come Closer’s 4 in 1 vibrator set is that magic bag that every Santa like you looks to bless all your partner’s desires. All the vibrators come with a USB recharging feature, making them a must-have this holiday season.

A clitoral, rabbit, dildo vibe with super soft wand massager complete your sexual pleasure desires. This set of amazing vibrators comes with ten functions: a vibrating motor, which comes with a sensation adjustment feature so that you can increase the intensity of your partner while they moan in pleasure. 

However, if you are worried about your erection right before the fantastic Christmas eve, Santa has something for you too!- The legendary- Proextender 2!

#3. Getting Ready

ED or Erectile Dysfunction is a massive problem for several men, and there is no denying that it can hinder your holiday sex eve. Pro Extender 2 is a worthy successor to the tremendous penile extender from the legendary brand. What makes this a must-have is the proven success of the Pro Extender devices for stronger erections and powerful sexual performance. 

However, if you want to stimulate your partner for that amazing sex right when extending your penis, then a penguin is all you need. 

#4. Go Penguin

While you are preparing for fantastic sex and getting an erection, let your partner get incredible sensations through the all unique Satsfyer Pro Penguin vibe. It uses air pressure wave technology that successfully enhances your partner’s clitoris stimulation. In addition, the device comes with a rechargeable facility and provides more than 11 different functions for ultimate pleasure. 

However, if you are looking for some backdoor bliss through anal sex, here is something unique to try this holiday season. 

#5. Backdoor Pleasures

A perfect vibrating anal plug for pure backdoor pleasure this holiday season! Whether your partner wants to go the backdoor way or you want to have some prostate massage while your partner has her orgasms, the vibrating pulses from Anal Fantasy will offer your the experience of your life. 

Such pleasures are also great for your prostate as they can help reduce the risk of prostate cancer; however, if you are to experience anal sex for the first time, you need to use a lubricant that can ease the tight anal muscles following product seems perfect.

#6. Desensitize well

An anal desensitizing cream can help you relax the tight muscles while you are having anal sex. This is important because if you are not using a desensitizing gel or an anal relaxer, the tense muscles can inflict pain which can lead to injury and trauma. However, with this gel, you can have relaxed anal muscles, which help make the entire experience pleasant. 

Another product that makes perfect sense for anal sex lovers is a set of plugs that can help you enjoy such pleasures.

#7. Guard of honor

Kneel to your partner this Christmas and let them provide you the ultimate anal pleasure with these plugs. These silver butt plugs are excellent, leading in detail and eye-catchy, making them a must-have. Make your partner feel special this season with this fantastic set of butt plugs. However, if you want to create a Christmas theme for your date night, this red-colored vinyl sheet may be perfect.

#8. The Royal Red

The 200 by 230-centimeter vinyl sheet is perfect for all your sexual pleasures without worrying about the bed getting wet. Whether you want to have oral sex, anal sex, or massaging sessions, this sheet is your royal carpet to ultimate pleasure. Though such a sheet and your partner is a sexy combination for perfect erotic sex, what if you can top it up with a lube?

#9. The Slippery Slope

Don’t worry; this is a slippery slope you will like to explore! Cobeco’s body lube is perfect for your sexy Christmas nights. It is a water-based lubricant which makes it the ideal partner for latex condoms and even sex toys. So, get your body all warmed up for some slippery slope. Yes, you are all done and had the night of your life, but what about cleaning?

#10. Go clean

A toy cleaner is a must-have as you will be using these toys with your genitals; not cleaning them well means inviting infections. Choosing a Cobeco toy cleaner means you have the best cleaning tool for all your collection. So, after a playful, exciting, and superior sexy night, go clean with this cleaner in your kitty.


Holidays are the right time to rejuvenate the same old romance with your partner, and these products can be the missing trigger. MySexShop brings the best of Christmas-themed sex toys this holiday season for your collection at amazing discounts. So, make your sexual pleasure more potent with the best brands and top deals!


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