The Big Taboo? "YES, all girls and women do it!"

The Big Taboo? "YES, all girls and women do it!" -

You are home alone, you have got a few hours all to yourself and you are hornier than ever, what is a woman going to do? Masturbate, of course. It is deeply a personal activity that feels good for one person but fails the same practice for another. Whether you involve an erotic toy while pleasuring yourself or go the old fashioned finger route, solo play is not just fun way to spend me time but is also good for your mental and physical health. It is an extremely powerful and enjoyable way to learn a lot about your own body. It allows you to focus on your sexual pleasures wellness of your body.

Learning the right way of stimulation and masturbation techniques is incredibly important if you want powerful, body shaking and full of pleasure orgasms during sex. The first thing to make sure is that you should be comfortable while trying these techniques. If you are uncomfortable and stressed out, you are going to find it even more difficult to really enjoy the tips and techniques. Whether you are doing it alone or having a partnered sex, using these techniques and practices on you will surely make to come a little more every time.

Determine The Type Of Solo Play You Desire

Self gratification can serve you in many different ways. There are plenty of ways in which women get satisfied by themselves. Some days your solo play can focus on a quickie where a fast climax is necessary while on the other days, you can try out for a long, slow and soft self care session by yourself. Pay attention to what your body is craving and what exactly your body wants during every session so that you will know what will feel the most satisfying.

Stimulate Your Erogenous Zones


The human is filled with different erogenous zones, the parts of the body that are covered in nerve endings and are especially sensitive to the stimulation. While the vulva and clitoris are the most sensitive and primary erogenous zones of a woman's body, there are many other areas that you can touch, feel and tease to increase your arousal. Exploring areas like, butt, breasts, mouth, lips, abdomen, neck and so on can help you discover other sensitive areas of your body during solo play.

Try Squeezing Your Clit Or Touching It Very Lightly

Squeezing your clit is an unpopular technique but one of the best and powerful ones for masturbating. It is an indirect technique means you will not be touching your clitoris and there are many ways to perform it. You have to squeeze the folds of skin between your fingers which will insert some pressure on your clitoris and make you feel good. Different people have different preferences so play around with this technique a little bit until you find what you prefer. 

Feather light technique or touching your clit lightly is totally opposite to the squeezing technique. While using feather light technique, absolute minimum pressure on your clitoris is to be given and you will feel more like soft vibrations. Feather like technique is for those who want their entire experience to be long and extended.

Use Different Tools Like Sex Tools

Your fingers are a great way to stimulate your clitoris or vulva, but using other tools like adult toys also provides a great amount of stimulation and pleasure. If you like penetration, try using dildo or butt plug with the help of water based lubricant to start. Vibrators are also another type of toy that offers internal and external stimulation. They come in all sizes and shapes and some of them are specially designed to stimulate clitoris. The good thing about vibrating machines is they give more rhythm and power than your fingers alone give. Some tools are not designed for stimulation but can still enhance your pleasure which are blindfolds, handcuffs, scented candles and so on. Purchase toys that are made up of materials that are body safe, are not toxic and non porous.


Try Edging


If you want to try drawing intense pleasure while pleasing yourself, try edging. Edging is the sexual practice where you are brought to the brink of climax in cycles. It is the technique of stopping yourself from reaching orgasms right when you are on the cusp which metaphorically means the edge. Holding off the orgasms through edging gives increased pleasure. Edging has a lot of benefits like women can achieve orgasms easily and reduce feelings of embarrassment while building awareness and confidence for your body. Edging also helps you control your release which allows the pleasure to build up, resulting in heightened climax.



Orgasming while self pleasuring is great and full of pleasure but it should not be the goal of your solo play. Solo play is a mixture of fun and excitement and that should not turn out to be the goal of climax. Trying to force an orgasm when your body is not responding to the simulation you are forcing in can induce more stress rather than relieve it. Instead, try enjoying, having fun and focusing on the exploratory element of the solo session rather than a particular goal of climax. Explore different areas of your body, different erogenous zones, different positions and different pressures and speeds and know which one makes you feel good and what turns you on.



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