Sinful Sex

Sinful Sex -
Sinful Sex
There is a common saying among men. They want a “lady in the public, but a freak in the bed.” Every guy likes a sweet and adorable girlfriend who enjoys some quality time with his family. However, when the two of you are alone, you need to reveal your wild side to him. There’s nothing that turns a guy on more than knowing that his girlfriend is a little minx, with a wild side. Don’t try too hard to make a great impression. Men admire duplexity in the women they are with. They also enjoy spontaneity and want a break from the norm. They also want to be teased. So, follow this guide on how to blow his mind:
1. Have "May I?" Sex
You and your partner don't need to ask if you can get libidinous with each other ... but maybe you should. To spice things up, have your partner request permission before laying a hand (or lip, or tongue) on your body, as in, "May I please touch your breasts?" Or turn the tables and ask your partner to grant you passion privileges. "Asking for their consent is naughty because it means sex is no longer a ‘given’.
"We'll just be hanging out on the couch when she'll suddenly straddle me, pull my head back with a tug of my hair, and just sort of, well, take me.
2. Short & Sweet
A quickie is a kind of like an earthquake: It gets your adrenaline pumping, it is over in a flash, and leaves you weak in the knees. Besides releasing your pent-up lust, initiating a quickie can be the ultimate compliment to your guy because it shows how deeply you desire him. And In addition, when he's had a stressful day, a fast and furious romp really takes the edge off and will make him come back for more. Put simply: sometimes guys want to take their time, and sometimes they just want to get their rocks off. When you can tell he's in a horny, hasty mood, don't bother fully undressing — just pull his penis out of the opening in his boxers and push your panties aside and then you go for it... Perhaps just make sure you have lube as that will make things a little easier.
3. Seduce Him
Join him in the shower wearing a white tee and nothing else. Once you get soaked, he'll get a front-row seat to a hot wet T-shirt contest. When you're watching chilling together on the couch, glide your body across his lap with your stomach facing the sky. Then, arch your back so that your boobs stick out. He won't be able to tear his eyes away. Take him underwear/ lingerie shopping with you. The fact that he cannot touch you while you try on loads of sexy things will kill him and when you get home, things will get steamy. Climb into bed one-night wearing sexy thigh-highs and nothing else. Trust me this is an all-time favorite.
4. Show Your Sexy Secret
There's no naughtier mystery to men than female masturbation: It's something that men know women do, but women don't talk about (even if they do it with sex toys). Give your guy a demo of how you press your own buttons when he's not around. Feeling really naughty? Tell him there's something special he must-see in the bedroom ‘right now’, then give him an explicit exhibition of your private passions. Not at ease being so forward? Keep some of your clothes on. Or hold your partner's hand in yours to perform your most bed-quaking solo movements together. (Hey, he might even learn a thing or two.)


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