Sinful Sex

Sinful Sex -

Feeling connected to another person through sex is one of the most fulfilling and satisfying feeling and experience. The key connecting factor between the couple is security, trust and openness. When both feel completely comfortable and are able to open to each other and can show them their private side that is usually hidden from the world, that increases the bond of trust from which intimacy grows. 

There is a common saying among the men. They like and want the lady in the public but a freaking hot in the bed. Every man likes a sweet, adorable but a bit wild in the bedroom type of girl who enjoys every single part in the relationship. There is nothing more hot, sexy and that turns your man on more than knowing that his girl is a little mix of sweetness and wildness. Mentioned below are a few points to know how you can blow his mind and turn him on quickly. 

1. Have 'May I' Sex

If you and your partner are comfortable and can get libidinous with each other, you do not need to ask or take permission of your partner before entering into any sexual relationship. But if your partner feels uncomfortable or does not feel it right to start something without asking, it is better to ask 'may I' to make him/her feel safe. Asking for their consent is considered to be naughty because it means that the sex is no longer a given. More often men feel shy in sharing what really turns them on and what they really like. It is quite comforting to ask where he likes to be touched and what makes him feel aroused. Be playful with penis, especially frenulum which is the most sensitive part of the penis. Lick and apply slight pressure to increase the blood circulation, in turn getting even harder erections.

2. Short And Sweet Sex
A quickie is a kind of an earthquake where you are shaken up very quickly and feel relaxed later on. It gets your adrenaline pumping too fast, it is over in a flash and leaves you satisfied and weak in your knees. Initiating a quickie can always be a compliment to your guy because it shows how much you desire and want your man. Plus, when he had a long and stressful day, a fast and furious romp to calm him down and taking the edge off will make him come back for more. Guys have a simple logic, sometimes they like having their own time and enjoying their love with their partner and sometimes they just want to get their rocks off. When you feel that he is in his horny and hasty mood, do not bother undressing altogether. Just make sure you spontaneously turn on yourself and have a quickie. Involving a lube is always a good option.
3. Seduce Him
Seduce your man to that extent, that he would jump on you and make you feel like a princess. Join him in the shower and have a wet and wild sex, while sitting together on the couch, slide yourself towards him and across his lap while your boobs sticking out, it would be difficult for him to take his eyes off of you, try using few toys to tickle him and seduce him. Turning him on with all these ways and many more can make him steamy in bed.
4. Show Him Your Sexy Side
There is no naughtier mystery to men than female masturbation. It is something that men surely know that women do but women do not talk about it to their partners. Most women masturbate with adult toys and enjoy their solo time. Give your man a sexy demo of your moves by showing how you press your own buttons when you are aroused and he is not around. Give him the explicit exhibition of your parts by touching them in a sexy way and making yourself even more sexier than he knows. Show him your fantasies, where you like to be touched or which is your erogenous zone and seduce him in that way. Masturbating with your partner is the hottest way of foreplay. Watching your partner masturbate makes you feel more aroused and wild.

5. Talk Dirty Into His Ear And Tease Him

Talking dirty to your man is such a powerful move when it comes to turning him on quickly. Plus, talking dirty to your man would help you communicate your desires and fantasies to your partner along with arousing him. A lot of men like and appreciate the girls talking dirty to them. Teasing him and nibbling, kissing, licking or touching his ears can also turn him on. The key to nibbling his ears is to slightly drag your tongue or teeth along his earlobe and make him feel aroused.


6. Try Something New

Trying something new while being in the same bedroom can turn arousal to a new level. It feels out of the world when you are trying to act your fantasy or doing an activity that increases the intensity of sex between the two. Trying something new always becomes hotter and more pleasurable when you both like it. Try not adding the responsibility entirely on a single person. Take turns and initiate adding new things to your sexual menu periodically. This prevents sex from becoming boring, stale and outdated especially when you are in a long distance relationship.



The points mentioned above will help you know the ways through which you can win your man easily. Trying out different types of touch and remaining more curious about how it feels to your partner is also a kind of experience everyone should have. Digging yourself into the sense of curiosity and experimentation and approaching your partner's body as something that can offer you new, sexy and exciting things and alleys of pleasure, you open up a sense of joint playfulness that is quite helpful in your relationship and can make you feel extremely transformative.


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