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Vintage Sex Toys
The range of adult toys on the market today can be absolutely mind-blowing in a number of ways.  But have you ever thought about how these bedroom-enhancing gadgets first started out?
We at My Sex Toys will be sharing some with you today!
Sex stores haven’t exactly been around for very long, in fact, the world's first sex shop opened in West Germany in 1962.  But that’s not to say that our ancestors didn’t enjoy a bit of adult-toy based stimulation before then! For example, a 28,000-year-old phallus found in Germany recently is quoted as being the oldest known “sex toy” ever found. I know right? You thinking to yourself how on earth? Well we have put together a few images of those very frightening sex toys
    The Detwiller Pneumatic Vibrator (1906)

During medical appointments, doctors began helping women have orgasms in a very hands-on way. When the task became too time-consuming, General Electric stepped in by making its fifth electrical home appliance. Yes, the vibrator was actually the fifth commercially available electric appliance, after the tea kettle, bread toaster, sewing machine, and fan. These handy vibrators were designed to get those troublesome women un-hysterical, so doctors could go back to important work like inventing Viagra and curing baldness. (Now that you know that vibrators are considered appliances, be sure to ask if one is included next time you're buying a house.) hahaha :)

Goat-Eye Cock Rings

The first-ever cock rings were reported to have existed around 1200AD in China. The first-ever cock rings were apparently made from the eyelids of goats – with the eyelashes intact! Scary!  They were later made with Jade (an ornamental rock) instead, and some jade rings are available to this day.

Big 18th Century Wooden Willies

This pair of rather sizeable polished wooden dildos date from the 18th century and are on sale at an antique Auction in Essex. Made from Rosewood, the late-1700s phalluses are expected to fetch +-R50,000.00 at auction. They look pretty sturdy, but who’s willing to buy second-hand dildos?

Steam-Powered Vibrator Machine 

Don’t be alarmed, but this was the first-ever vibrator, created by American physician George Taylor MD in 1869. This large piece of steam-powered apparatus was used to treat an apparent illness known then as ‘female hysteria’. It’s now known as being horny.

Offensive Weapon Or Personal Vibrator? 

This rather terrifying-looking piece of machinery is, in fact, some sort of vibrating metal ball. Much like other personal vibrators it likely gives a rather powerful sensation when applied to the body, just whether or not you want to put it anywhere near your nether regions is up to you.


The great explosion for the sex industry came in the sexual revolution of the 1960's, but most dildos were too hard and made of materials such as metal and hard plastic. By the 1980's sex toy technology produced new softer plastics.

Today you can get toys from us (My Sex Shop) made out of realistic jelly rubber, silicone and elastomer, a hypoallergenic material most suitable for people with allergic reactions or chemical sensitivities.  Most toys are porous so you should clean them properly with mild soap and water after each use.  It is possible to transmit infections on toys so never share them with anyone unless they use a condom on the toy.  And never use a toy anally and then vaginally without using a condom to prevent transmission of bacteria.

We 100% believe that toys have therapeutic value because they can add variety to a relationship, take the pressure off performance (for the man), add an element of fantasy and fun, and result in some great orgasms.



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