It's in your Zodiac Sign

It's in your Zodiac Sign -

Your zodiac sign and your partner's zodiac sign can tell a lot of things about people. The same way it also talks about sexual desires like imagination, likes, dislikes, fantasies and many more. It also tells about sexual activities that you or your partner partakes in, ideas of foreplay, erogenous areas that arouses you or your partner and much more. Of course switching things up trying variety of stuff in the bedroom gives lot of pleasure but astrology can guide you towards a lot better sex.


March 21 – April 19

People with zodiac signs of Aries are often addicted to hunting. They find chasing their partners more attractive than the catch. Aries men and women are best at everything including sex. Their passion and desire take control and they like it to be on point. Their spontaneous and impulsive nature does not need a foreplay as they are desirous about sex above anything else. It is really hard to stop them from pursuing you or slow down their top speed but if you want you can tame them by being passionate and keeping the pace while making things interesting. Acting at their level can make your sexual relationship with Aries people smooth.


April 20 – May 20

People with zodiac sign Taurus have direct approach towards sex. They prefer giving up their control in the bedroom by letting their partner take the lead. They enjoy sex like they are enjoying a good meal. They love intimate encounters that arouse all of their senses at a time. They might want to experiment the sexual pleasure with handcuffs and blindfolds too. Pleasuring them by taking control makes the relationship with Taurus people better.



may 21 – June 20

People with a zodiac sign Gemini would love to bring dirty words in the bedroom. They would enjoy using their mouth for dirty talk with their partner. They will even advocate for scintillating foreplay like having phone sex or sexting or role play. They would love to have lighthearted and playful sex where their core is hit without pinning down or submit themselves to demands. They are open to do and try anything and everything so keeping an open mind while having pleasure with Gemini people will make you feel great.



June 21 – July 22

People with zodiac sign Cancer are the romantic ones who seek to pleasure their partner beyond any limits and their expectations. Their wildest desires change frequently and they enjoy getting wet while they are having sex, literally having sex in the shower or pool. They love to heighten their sensations under the warmth of the water and so can also use waterproof adult toys that help getting immense pleasure while banging alone or with the partner. Kiss their heart because that is the spot that turns them on the most. Knowing and giving them what they like will make them feel seen and respected which makes your moment more pleasurable.



July 23 – August 22

People with zodiac signs Leo wants a partner that praises them all the time. They are often attracted to the partners that make them feel that they are best in all bedroom activities. They prefer to be on top and take control of all the situations. Leo people will show off on how many orgasms they have in your company. They would also make sure that their needs are met and are extremely important for a smooth sex.



August 23 – September 22

Although people with zodiac sign Virgo has rigid and strict schedules, they are surprisingly open minded when it comes to sex. They are actually the most sexually open people because they are willing to learn, improve and heal things and their bodies. Virgo people love naughty talks as a part of their foreplay and having a playful routine in their sexual life is what they would want to partake in everyday at the very same time. As long as Virgo people get a clean sheet and organized room they can feel sexy.  



September 23 – October 22

People with zodiac sign Libra have erogenous zones like derriere and the head which is why to tip their scale over the edge and make them super excited and aroused while having sex, try some light spanking, booty massage or gentle hair pulling. Libra people would aim to give pleasure to their partners more than they ask and will also expect reciprocation of it. But they will allow their partner to orgasm first which will turn them on more than anything else. Incorporating these personal kinks will turn their orgasms into explosives in the bedroom.



October 23 – November 21

Zodiac sign Scorpio is the most seductive sign and an evening in bed with Scorpio people won't be forgotten. They are extremely passionate lovers and they love breaking taboos thus, having less sexual restrictions which makes them super fun in the bed. Once they get pleasure in something and they enjoy it, it is hard to drag them away. They really love intense foreplay and sex with them would be full of excitement and the best ever.



November 22 – December  21

Lovemaking is a sport for people with the zodiac sign Sagittarius. They will focus their lusty energy on winning the attention of their partner in the bedroom. They like to involve sex toys for both self gratification and for their partner to enjoy into their sexual life for maximum pleasure. Their hips are their erogenous zone and massaging them would drive them wild.



December 22 – January 19

People with zodiac sign Capricorn are the most knowledgeable and most sexually aware people who would follow the work hard play hard motto in their sexual life. They most enjoy the sexual activities that make them feel in their body. Capricorns would like to try everything once and thus, are the most experimenting in their sexual life.


January 20 – February 18

People with zodiac sign Aquarius, are a modern lover and voyeur who thoroughly enjoys and gets kicked while sexting or video chatting as much as real life intimacy. Watching your partner masturbate  is the best kind of pleasure and seducing moment. Aquarius people would like videotaping their sexual activities (only if its consensual) to watch later with their partner which is the best kind of foreplay.


February 19 – March 20

People with zodiac signs Pisces love to merge and become one with their partner between the sheets. Non verbal communication and role play is a huge turn on for the erotic fish. Their chameleon-like energy means that they can be anything and anyone you want in bed. For them, their boudoir is that one place where they can run their imagination wild.



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