How sex can make your job better!

How sex can make your job better! -

The term sex is basically a positive term that makes any man or women happy. It is the happiest feeling when you get the pleasure you want. Therefore, sex here is linked with the working professionals. Working professionals have many problems in their work life, be it: not satisfied with their work, not comfortable in the environment, not enthusiastic to work with peers or colleagues, and so on. Research says that people having sex a night before or having it before going to work strongly correlates with being relaxed, focused, happy and more engaged towards their work in the office.  

There was a survey conducted where few married employees were tested daily for two week thrice a day. Those who had regular sex were seen in a better mood next day during work compared to others who had a bouncy sex life. It was surveyed that pleasuring yourself led to higher levels of job satisfaction and work engagement. Sex has physiological, social and emotional benefits on a human body and it is important to make it a priority. 

Below mentioned are few pros of having a regular sex life with your partner or at least pleasuring yourself with the help of sex toys either solo if you are single or with your partner regularly.

You Will Be More Focused

Average men and women thinks about sex most of the time and therefore how can you expect to be focused on your work tasks if your mind is constantly thinking about sex. Studies say that people are more focused while they are having sex. Which means that when you are having sex, you are training your mind and body to stay focused which contributes to mindfulness (a state of mind that allows you to focus on your work). 

You Will Take Less Sick Leaves

Most companies provide sick leaves to their employees but frustrations, stressful life and other mental problems can lead to health problems which can be sorted by wild or pleasurable sex with your partner. Sex is a way through which you can boost your immune system and it is proved that people having more sex or having higher level of arousal feeling tend to have higher antibodies in their body that defends the germs and viruses. Thus, people having active sexual lives take few sick leaves.

You Will Be More Creative

Whether you are trying to spice things up while you are in your bedroom with your partner or in boardroom of your office, study shows that people who have sex everyday tend to be more creative. While having sex, the oxytocin hormone is released which is found to be the one that increases cognitive flexibility in the body that in turn promotes creativity. Using sex toys to have a solo game or using them with your partner during sexual intercourse is also another creative way of pleasure. 

You Will Think More Clearly

It is the toughest part to think straight during that heat of the moment. But once the game is over, your mind will be free from any kind of distractions and you will think clearly. The study shows that regular sexual activity not only allowed neurogenesis. which means creation of new neurons in the brain but it also improves cognitive function which potentially helps people to think in a straight, clear and focused way

You Will Be Less Stressed And Frustrated

What do you do when you are stressed and frustrated? It is advised to think about your sex life and implement it when you are stressed and frustrated. It is better to take off your frustrations in your bedroom. While having sex, brain of human body receives hormones and neurotransmitters that includes oxytocin (the bonding hormone), dopamine (the feel good hormone) and serotonin (the serenity hormone) which altogether relaxes and enhances your mood, make blood pressure normal, keeps your mind cool and fresh and increases the sense of well being. People who are less active in their sex life, work more to compensate for their sexual frustrations and thus, it is difficult to turn this work life balance upside down.


It is not a realistic situation for everyone to have their sex life along with their work life. Balancing both of them is very difficult for the one who has their job full time. And it is next to impossible for people having uncommon jobs like flying a plane, being in the navy and so on. Of course, the idea of sneaking off from the office between the midday mundane work cannot be full proof but surely there are these few benefits that healthy sex life can bring to the job performance in the office. Generally, all companies believe that their employees should have a better work life balance and so give them their time off whenever they need.


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