Top 5 Poppers in South Africa For 2022

Top 5 Poppers in South Africa For 2022

Poppers are in the liquid form packed in bottle for the use of sexual arousal when inhaled. It gives instant dizziness, sometimes headaches, warm sensations and increased heart rate. It is considered to be a sex enhancer as it relaxes the anal muscles giving a euphoric effect. There are different kinds of poppers that are used by people who are trying it for the first time to the ones who already know their way around this aroma. Some of the best poppers are listed below. 

Jungle Juice Gold Label Poppers 

These are one of the purest pentyl nitrite poppers as the formula is distilled approximately 3 times to improve the purity of the made liquid. They are sold in small quantities like a bottle of 10 ml and 30 ml at lowest prices. The aroma of its liquid is particularly chosen by people who want to experience high level of sexual arousal as it gives enhanced sensations of heat that travels from lower abdomen to the head. The high quality pentyl nitrate used in the liquid carries the biggest advantage that they do not have any unpleasant side effects like nausea 

Real Gold Amsterdam Poppers 

These are some of the strongest ones carrying intensively stimulating aromas that you would never have encountered. The distinctive gold label liquid marks it different from the other ones as they have an ultra-strong, refreshing and invigorating aroma that can pick up any party. The bottle can be left open till you return to the room and feel the gorgeous fragrance that is set to impress you and your partner. 

Blue Boy Poppers


This brand is a perfect combination of quality and price. It comes in a 24 ml bottle but gives a strong rush at a very reasonable price. The aroma is actually based on amyl nitrite that is known to brighten up the days and evenings of people. The smaller size of the bottle should not fool you because the liquid emits a strong fragrance that gives the effects like vasodilation which means relaxation of blood vessels that are present in the muscular walls and ten times the sensations. 

The Effects Of Different Nitrites

Every popper comes in different bottles with different nitrate formulas. The liquid contains different types of nitrites like propyl nitrite, amyl nitrite, pentyl nitrite or even the mix of any of them. Every liquid with different formulas and aroma have different effects but are more or less into stimulating your libido or cheer the parties up. 

Propyl Nitrite: 

The brands like Blue Boy, Amsterdam or Jungle Juice contain the propyl nitrite liquid in the poppers. It is recommended by the reviewers that the aroma is suitable for friends’ night or maybe a good and impressive date.

Pentyl Nitrite:

These are the stronger ones compared to propyl nitrite. They are considered to be the tough poppers. They are ideal ones to warm up your sheets with your partner and also give you a hard on for the entire night. The brands like Jungle Juice and Everest contain this nitrite.

Amyl Nitrite:

With amyl nitrite, you can surely finish the business you have started. It is the strongest nitrite and is available in the product Everest Premium, which is considered to be the strongest popper today. These are not advised to beginners as they give high effects like expanding and relaxing the muscles immediately and stimulating your desire instantly. 


Poppers in the past were used to treat heart conditions in people and today it is used to treat cyanide poisoning. These are basically used by gays, lesbians and queers as these drugs help in facilitating anal sex by heightening sexual arousal in some people


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