7 Tips for Being Better in the Boudoir!

7 Tips for Being Better in the Boudoir! - https://www.mysexshop.co.za/

Is your sex life missing a little spice? Try some of these tips! Remember to write to us if they worked for you and why. The winning letter of the month will receive a secret gift.

  1. Show some love. They say chivalry is dead, but we beg to differ. Once you've 'won' your partner's heart, it can be easy to forget how to to seduce them. Sex and love go hand in hand. Do something romantic to spice it up: go out for a dinner and share a bottle of wine before going home to enjoy each other. Sex shouldn't fade or minimise with the time you are together, in fact, the better and longer you know your lover, the more sexually honest you can be and thus there's no reason sex shouldn't get better as the years go by.
  2. Get active and eat more healthy. Poor diet, drinking, drugs and lack of sleep and laziness all contribute to loss of libido.
  3. Kiss more. When you kiss, you get up close and personal with your partner's pheromones – these wonderful little sexual attraction chemicals go the distance to boost desire.
  4. Strut your stuff. Guys dress up and get as well-groomed as you were in those first dates – ladies, get sexy and flaunt it in fabulous lingerie!
  5. Mix it up. Break the routine. Get a hotel room. Do it in the Kitchen. Try new positions. Try our range of sex toys to add a little kink in the mix.
  6. Role-play: This doesn't only lend toward dressing up in a sexy fantasy outfit, which it great of course.  Also try to swap places – if you usually wait for him/ her to initiate sex why not try surprise them with and pounce on them instead.
  7. Share and re-enact each others fantasies. don't be shy to share your secret sexy fantasies, you could end up having an amazing time with each others' requests.


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