7 Tips for Being Better in the Boudoir!

7 Tips for Being Better in the Boudoir! - https://www.mysexshop.co.za/

Women's feelings, emotions and sense of security in relationships with their partners greatly influence the sexual arousal they have. If women feel that they are not confident in bed with their partners they might feel less arousal. 

Being a great lover by showing love, respecting your partner, respecting their feelings, treating them well and valuing them are few of the ways that make your relationship stronger. Being great in bed is quite similar in some ways but different in many other ways. Being a good partner in bed is also a healthy habit. Having pleasurable sex with your partner has lots of heath benefits  for women like reducing stress, boosting your immune system, keeping your blood pressure intact, improving your brain functions and keeping the body fit. Below mentioned are some tips that can help boost your sexual confidence and can also help you learn how to be good and naughty at the same time in bed with your partner.

Make The First Move

Lots of men get attracted to women who make the first move. The top male complaint is “she does not initiate the sex”. It is believed by men that if they take the initiatives, they feel women are giving a clear and loud message that they are having sex because men want it. While if you initiate the sex, your partner will clearly see that you are demonstrating confidence and he feels that you want him badly which increases their arousal even more. 

Set The Right Move

Humans are sensitive beings and thus it is difficult for any men and women to directly jump towards penetrative sex without any kind of starting steps. Some preliminary arousal activities like foreplay makes you and your partner indulge more into each other while your sex drive, excitement and desire is increased. Foreplay means a lot many things to everyone. It is any activity that leads to sexual intercourse. 

  • Whispering sexual things to your partner
  • Kissing lips or any other part of the body
  • Massaging different areas of the body
  • Slowly and gradually taking your or your partner's clothes off
  • Fingering your partner or intimately giving a hand job
  • Indulging in oral sex

Masturbation is also another way of making your foreplay full of pleasure. Like other activities mentioned above, it plays an important role in boosting your mood for penetrative sexual intercourse. There is no right or wrong way of masturbating yourself unless you are feeling stimulated. Watching each other enjoying is another level of pleasure and can give a mind blowing aroused feeling.

Try Different Positions

While there is this comfortable position for both of you, trying the same position every time during an intercourse is monotonous for both of you. Men like taking things that they are not used to seeing or doing. Craving for variety is normal so explore new positions and try making it a normal thing every time to have sex. Trying new positions can also keep the passion between the two alive if you are with your partner for a long period of time or if you both are role playing which is again a great idea for arousing each other.

Make Some Noise

Having sex with someone who has been quite all the time and does not make any noise is unnerving. Being vocal during sex like making sounds of moans, grunts, sighs, whispering you like them or any other sound of pleasure that comes out of your mouth can help reaffirm to your partner that you having a good time and are enjoying the play with them. Plus, making sounds during sex can also help express yourself to your partner and that might even increase your pleasure. On the other side, making louder sounds or screaming also does not help during sex as your partner will not be relaxed for fear of other people listening. 

Tell Your Partner How You Want It

Sexual confidence is built when you tell your partner how and when you want it. If there is something like your fantasy and your wish of how anything is done in your way or that gives you pleasure, but your partner is not offering you that, you can find a constructive way to offer him the feedback or tell him politely without criticizing their efforts or ruining the moment. If by showing you can explain him, try leading him to that direction with your actions


Keep Things Spontaneous

Surprising your partner in bed is also one of a kind of building sexual feeling. Try suggesting to watch porn together or introducing a sex toy to make your foreplay game even stronger. Making things fresh, clear and spontaneous is a great way to enjoy a healthy and full of pleasure and desire sex for you and your partner. Once you are confident with your partner during the start as well as while having sexual intercourse, try surprising him by banging each other in different places like using kitchen or bathroom or even restaurant. Just like trying new and different positions, try different locations for exciting sex life. 

Let Your Partner See

When you talk about sexual confidence, it is great to put it all in front of your partner. Whether it means to yourself while your partner is watching you in that pleasure or keeping the lights on when you are having your sex game on, letting your partner see all of you feel increases the sexual arousal even more. Getting to know yourself while touching your body and feeling that pleasure or looking yourself being pleased in the mirror gives women sexual erection too



Learning to talk to your partner about your fantasies and about how you feel for sex is recommended by doctors to keep your relationship healthy and happy in bed. Being open to change and open to different ideas your partner have for sex is also important. Being confident makes men and women great in bed so practice above mentioned tips for a knee weakening and pleasurable sex with your partner.


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