Everything you need to know About E-Stim!

Everything you need to know About E-Stim! - https://www.mysexshop.co.za/

A Guide to E-Stim for Beginners

So you're interested in e-stim. Great, you've certainly come to the right place! At My Sex Shop have a wide variety of Electro-Sex products from beginners to advanced.

Also referred to as E-stim (short for electrical stimulation); it has become more and more popular in recent years. Not surprising since there are quite a lot of nerves in your private parts - so many more than in other regions of your body. So, you're more sensitive DOWN there. So, with a properly tuned e-stimulator, you can tingle each of those little nerves into ecstasy.

Electro-Sex works solo as well as it does for couples, and for each there is a whole world of things you can do and a selection of toys you can try that may get you to reach climax!

To get started, you'll need three things:

    • an e-stim device that provides the electrical impulses such as our Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Kit or Shock Therapy Finger Fun.
    • an e-stim toy that transfers those impulses to your skin and
    • a clear understanding of safety!

One of our favourites, which is getting rave reviews on Refinery, Holistic Wisdom and more

JimmyJane’s Hello Touch X Fingertip Vibe transfers truly blissful chosen sensation through silky silicone contacts. They are shaped to reach anywhere fingers can roam. The X combines vibration electro-stimulation.

The Hello Touch X Fingertip Vibe fixes lightweight, unobtrusive pads to the fingers. It transforms chosen digits into completely maneuverable, individual stimulators. It adds freedom to massage, clitoral stimulation, nipple play, hand-jobs and more!


E-stim is only dangerous if you use it thoughtlessly. There are a couple of simple ground rules that you should keep in mind when you are intending to take part!

  • Current must never flow through the brain, throat or heart.
  • Current will always take the shortest possible way between the poles.
    With this rule you can always check if you are leading the current through one of the three forbidden areas – head, heart, throat. Just imagine a straight line between both poles and you'll know where the current flows.
  • If you have an electronic or metallic implant (i.e. a pace maker or a loop), please consult your physician before you use e-stim. Electronics might be disrupted and metal might heat up.
  • May not be applied during pregnancy.
  • Devices do not have AP/APG-safety. They may not be operated in the environment of explosive or combustible material.
  • Use only on healthy skin.
  • Keep away from children.


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