Everything you need to know About E-Stim!

Everything you need to know About E-Stim! - https://www.mysexshop.co.za/

Have you ever thought of involving e-stim in your sexual life? Are you curious about knowing how electricity can be involved into sex? Electrified sex toys are something that people use in their real life to enjoy their sex life at a different level. 

These are the sex toys that shock the skin and genitals of people. Electricity might sound crazy and the least sexy thing you could imagine. You would be surprised to know that an e-stim toy when used in certain erogenous zones of a human body can heighten sensitivity and deepen the pleasurable feelings of people. It directly gets deep inside the nerves and muscles. The toys use controlled electric shocks to deliver acute, slightly sharp shocks to wherever the toy is placed on a human body. People say that there are 'sparks' between people who are into each other so passionately. This is a literal spark which is more intense than a finger, a sex toy, a vibrator or in that case a tongue too. It does its own thing and is also super kinky.

How E-Stim Toy Is Actually Used

Do you ever enjoy the foreplay where your testicles are licked and sucked or your nipples are teased? If your partner is into this kind of foreplay, have them use these toys between licks, sucks and teasing. These sparks do not really hurt, it is more like an exciting jolt that helps in getting the regular blood flow. You can also try using this toy on your partner's thighs or backs. It can do wonders while it is used in any erogenous zones of your partner. 

Increase the electrical load as you become familiar with the shocks and sparks from the toy and as long as you are comfortable. Always check in with your partner before using it or ramping it up if he or she is quite comfortable or maybe you have had pre negotiated. You can also try using it in the shop before you buy to make sure that you are enjoying the sensation before you bring it to the bed. 

Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Finger Fun is an electric stimulation shock therapy kit that is perfect for first time users and beginners to e-stimulation. It has a digital power control unit that clearly displays the functions and the intensities along with three different pre-programmed pulsation patterns to choose from. These massage finger sleeves give pleasurable sparks to anything it is put on. It can be switched from slow to fast to control the frequency of the shock. Also wear the latex finger cots that are included with the sex toy to prevent the electric current from transferring to the giver or wearer. With this toy, you can give your lover an incredible electro massage with the finger fun sleeves. Try this toy out on your partner for stimulation or foreplay with the help of a relaxing massage or you can also use it on yourself for a seductive solo game.

Who Uses Electro Stimulation 

There are a growing number of fans who give us reviews for particular toys. They say that the level of enjoyment received out of this toy is incomparable. Few people say that it is a remarkable discovery and it builds connections between two bodies. There are lot of people who has already jumped into the world of electro stimulation sex toys and they feel that it gives immense pleasure when is used with your partner. 

Men: Men like electro stimulation sex toys because it allows them to feel different sensations without touching their body. The hands free pleasures are perfect for masturbation but are also important in healthy relationships as well. 

Women: Women like to have fun by using electrical pulses. Most sex toys in this category are a good option for external stimulation, women love using them for clitoral massages and general body contouring. Clinical experts say that if the electrodes are placed well, it helps in strengthening the pelvic floor, helps in controlling the bladder and tightening the vaginal walls. 

Singles: This extremely intense practice of using e-stim is frequently used by people without partners. The reason behind them being the frequent users is it is an amazing addition for most masturbation sessions, offering hands-free pleasure while bringing the exciting form of realism. 

Fetishists: Not everybody is in it using the toy for normal reasons, some of them like it kinky. Those who love playing with the nuances of fetish often choose e-stim sex toys by default. It involves fun and exciting things that surround medical fetishes, BDSM and role playing. 

Recovering Patients: Electrostimulation today is widely used for physical therapy and also for some neurological conditions. Due to its ability to cure and treat health problems like erectile dysfunction, it is frequently recommended for prostate surgery patients. Women who have recently given birth are also advised to use these stimulating toys.


Safety Measures

There is an important thing to remember, do not make your own electric sex toys. This might seem very obvious but it is very dangerous. You might end up killing someone this way. Buy an electric sex toy from a well known website like My Sex Shop that actually knows what they are selling and knows that the toy will not harm any of its customers. 

These sex toys are extremely dangerous if they are used thoughtlessly. There are some rules that should be followed when you are intending to use it. 

  • The current from the toy should never flow through the brain, heart or throat. 
  • If you have any metallic or electronic implant like pacemaker or loop, kindly consult the doctor before using the toys to make sure that you are in a perfect physical condition to play with them. With these sex toys, electronics might be disrupted and metals might get heat up. 
  • Electric stimulation should not be used while a woman is pregnant. 
  • It should always be used on a healthy skin
  • It should be kept away from children


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