A Brief Theory of Sexual Excitement

A Brief Theory of Sexual Excitement - https://www.mysexshop.co.za/

The things that get us and others sexually excited can often sound rather improbable, mysterious and make us feel anxious sometimes. How it is essential to explain to those who we love the many odd sounding things that we desire and want. In normal life, we may be deeply and thoroughly opposed to cruelty, violence, dominance, having scary uniforms or role plays and so on but in sexual relationships we are powerfully excited by the idea of being set upon by a rough and gun toting intruder. 

There is no need for further mystery or shame. Our erotic enthusiasms and fantasies might seem off sometimes but they are motivated by a search of good, a search for a life marked by understanding, sympathy, trust, unity and kindness. There are a few common turn-ons explained below. 


The Anxiety: Glasses are basically considered the symbol of thoughtfulness and seriousness. These people with glasses are generally nerds. People who seem to have a lot on their plate and perhaps a lot of significant and important thoughts in their mind. The question is whether these people have any time for us. They may be too important to pay us and our desires and fantasies much attention.

The Erotic: Many sections of erotic and adult websites feature people that are in glasses. They are showed because when glasses are invited into sexual pleasure, anxiety is addressed which is temporarily resolved too. The worry that thoughtfulness and seriousness on one side and bodily arousal on the other side might not be compatible. The solution to the imagination is that the person who is in glasses can turn out to be not only thoughtful but also extremely interested in sex and the desires. Sex with glasses symbolizes that the mind is not a separate part of the body and is no different than the sensual pleasure and sensitivity and seriousness can go hand in hand. Surely people with glasses look quite sexy. 



The Anxiety: Uniforms often make us fear authority and authority comes with hostile behavior. In turn thinking that the people in uniforms will not understand the needs and not sympathize with the sensitive part of us. All the things we want to do sexually will be forbidden, will have to abide by rules and will be required to be tamed. This makes life irksome and dull, thus uninteresting versions of ourselves

The Erotic: All kinds of uniforms are capable of sparking excitement which more often are the business suits. The outfits of doctors, pilots and nurses are the professional uniforms that scare and intimidate us the most. But in our sexual games, the uniform still stands the authority but has moved to our side by paying exactly the right kind of attention to our desires. The strength, organization, neatness and order rather than being scary makes us feel more at ease, relaxed and truer to our own selves. 



The Anxiety: From our young age, we are taught to be free and independent. We live in an era that promotes individualistic culture that constantly vilifies the word dependence and pushes us rigorously towards solitary maturity. A slave means, someones knows exactly what we should do, will take full responsibility of it and take the choice away from us. This sounds unkind and most slave owners or bosses are awful. They do not have our best interests in their heart and do not feel any pity. This sounds very awful, unkind and scary at the same time.

The Erotic: It seems that in our sexual lives, many of us are deeply obsessed and turned on by the idea of thorough passivity, sexual slavery and submission. The erotic scenario and deep down in our heart, at last we can be with someone who totally deserves and are worthy of our loyalty and devotion. Slavery is the common feature of sexual fantasies and genuinely people are truly excited by being submissive and having the maximum sexual pleasure they are intend to have. Here we are simply explaining and sympathizing with the desire that people have.   



The Anxiety: Modern life and modern thinking demands politeness and restraint. We have to keep our bossiness in check but in our minds and hearts, we might like to be bossy, insistent and very demanding. In the real world this is made very difficult by the fact that other people would trust us very little to exercise such power.

The Erotic: The fantasy here is that someone else would acknowledge our strengths and wisdom and would trust us by recognizing our talents which will put us wholly in charge of their activities and actions. This is like we are put in a position where we always wanted to be. Considering the points of anxiety, because one might be mistaken about the wishes of another, because there might be resentment, because one might get hurt by someone, the commands and dominance are met only with delight by the person on whom it is being exercised. 


Outdoor Or Public Sex

The Anxiety: We easily become shy about public places as we sense that we need to be guarded and be in our best behavior. This becomes a situation where we are mostly anxious in front of the public and turns out to be the most unassured and insecure with our partners. 

The Erotic: Sex outdoors are pleasurable for the same reasons as the picnics are. They are the ways of taming the world by taking the domestic out into it. Any activity that is meant to be done indoors can be blissfully done outdoors because it symbolizes a conquest of our anxieties. Showing love and desire in public places is also one of the most desirable fantasies a person can have. 



By talking of these points which might be shameful and scary but at the same time erotic for many people, these sexual tastes will become less threatening and a bit more reasonable and logical to everyone.


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