Valentines Day Gift Guide

Valentines Day Gift Guide -
Welcome to the perfect Valentines Day Gift Guide!

Now that Valentine's Day is coming closer, it is also the season of pulling your partner closer. Finding the sweetest and sexiest gift for your partner is always a question. While chocolates, lovey dovey gift cards, soft toys, roses are probably never a bad way to make your partner feel that you are thinking of them but an adult toy that you both can indulge in and play with to elevate the day into something that is twice the fun is always the perfect idea.

While love comes in all forms, it also involves sex. To make you Valentine's Day even more memorable and keeping it intense, red hot with fun and excitement, we have listed some of the sex toys that makes your day and night exceptionally formidable.

1. Come Closer Couples Rabbit Ring

The Come Closer Couples Rabbit Ring is a USB rechargeable cock ring that is used to stimulate both the clitoris as well as the penis. It is a sex toy that helps in kick starting the climaxes. It is a silicon based material sex toy that comes with ten different vibrating modes and two different patterns. Try wrapping the ring around the scrotum of your man and with the help of a single button let the bunny ears stimulate and tease your clitoris. It is a couple sex toy that comes with full package of fun and can never be underestimated.

2. Toy Joy Infinity Double Dildo

The Toy Joy Infinity Double Dildo is a sleek dual ended dildo that offers twice the intimate fun and excitement along with immense satisfaction. The Infinity Dildo also features unique in sync features that allows woman to use both ends simultaneously for an all encompassing experience during masturbation or during intense sex. The toy involves three different types of vibrating speeds and four different pulsating functions. It makes the vibrator a versatile and flexible vibrator as it also consists of a sleek and bendable silhouette with a round and bulbous tip at both the ends. It has a soft touch with a silicon based material which makes it a body safe and a good choice for intimate pleasure. The dildo comes with a USB rechargeable function that can be started by touching a single button. It has a motor at both of its ends which doubles the powerful vibes and makes it one of the best gifts for your partner on Valentine's day.

3. Come closer - Couples Rabbit-Ring

Enjoy the unlimited erotic possibilities with this Spicy Dices on Valentine's day. This adult fun game is designed for a creative and intimate play between the partners to make the foreplay even more interesting. The three dice are thrown to try your luck followed by obeying the suggestively sensual instructions. Enjoy tickling toes, kissing each other, teasing each other and raising your bars of foreplay. The game is suitable for the ones who are beginners and also for the ones who are experienced in making their partner come. No matter how aroused you both are or turned on you people are, you cannot have sex until all dices display the word sex at once. It is a fully portable, intimate party game that is used for spontaneous play wherever you travel. Spice up your seduction technique, ramp up the fun and explore endless possibilities for a red hot sex life with this gift.

4. Embrace Massaging Rabbit Vibrator

Have an experience of unforgettable pleasure with this Valentine's gift, sensuous Embrace Massaging Rabbit Vibrator. The sex toy is erotically contoured along with being sleek, soft and smooth phthalate free silicon materialized. It consists of functions like triple motors, seven different varieties of vibrations, intense three speed rolling ball massaging action, pulsation and escalation. The rabbit vibrator gives pleasure of both worlds as the contoured shaft features a rounded and angled head with tantalizing teasers that are for G-spot stimulator along with curvy bunny shaped structure that arouses the clitoris.

5. Squeeze-Me The Swan Kiss Vibrator | Pink

The Squeeze Me Swan Kiss Vibrator is an entirely new way to experience your body as it gives a revolution of pleasure. The vibrator is USB rechargeable and comes with a travel or storage pouch. It simply follows the statement, the stronger you squeeze, the more it will please. It is an easier sex toy than ever with a simple and intuitive control system. It is cute, incredibly satisfying and highly compact which makes it easier to carry and port. It is the true example of power and pleasure together. The sex toy has a smooth and soft silicon finish along with being waterproof that features 100% play area.

6. Womanizer Liberty Clitoral Stimulator

The Womanizer stimulators consist of an original Pleasure Air Stimulator that blew a number of clitoris owners away. The shape of the sex toy features a comfortable rounded handle and a soft and smooth silicon material treatment tip. It gives a sucking, throbbing and pulsating feel from within as it gently surrounds the sweet spots without overwhelming the sensitive tissues. The sensation is pure and completely different from the vibrations as is diverts more towards subtle and direct, patiently and perfectly mimicking the oral sex. The single power button is placed at an easy reach which is used to handle six different intensities of teasing suction. The toy is USB rechargeable which is compatible with water based lubricants only. Its groundbreaking and totally sensational functions makes is a great gift for Valentine's day this year.


The best toys that are described herewith are the best that the mysexshop offers for gay men. However, we have an exotic range of sex toys suitable to the different needs of people. These are shortlisted based on their popularity as well as the range of sexual satisfaction one can achieve. Hence, these are the toys that gay men should look forward to for exciting sexual pleasures.Valentine's Day gifts can be tricky as always because knowing what your partner needs and wants on that day is always vague. Asking your partner about their comfort is always suggested to avoid any awkward situations. Of course gifting sex toys becomes very personal and also gives that message to your partner that you do not enjoy your sex life but it might also can spice up your sex life. Trying it once with your partner can make wonders in your sexual relationship.


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