How Do You Know When You're Having Good Sex?

good sex

The couples these days want to enjoy amazing sex and have a healthy sex life, and they are so charged up and energized for it. However, most of them are still wondering that whether they are actually enjoying the excellent sex or not, and they need to clear their doubts on it. Most people don't know the parameter of having satisfactory sex. They overthink about it that they don't even realize the tangible ways to have good sex. Thus, sex can be enjoyed only if you neglect it from your because overthinking will create confusion that will end up ruining the sex life and eventually the entire relationship. 

It will always be good to know that you, as well as your partner, are enjoying a good sex life without any doubt and confusion. The most couple who are not much open about or have hesitation with their partners by any means won't enjoy good sex. Also, there is a possibility the opposite person is dominating, then that will not work. Thus, both the person should be aware of their partner's need, and coordinate all the things for having better sex. Here are the things that will let you know whether you are having good sex or not, which will clear your doubts and confusion on better sex.

Both Partners Urging For Orgasm

The first and foremost hint that you can get whether you are enjoying good and passionate sex is that you and your partner are both urging you to have an orgasm. Orgasm plays an essential role in having good sex. When you or your partner are faking orgasm, that is the sign of not good sex and contradictory to that when both the partner urges for orgasm than that is the sign that you are having good sex. When you see your partner is urging for orgasm and at the same time you also have a strong mind for having an orgasm is the positive sign which helps you know that you are having good sex. 

Passionate About Sex

Passionate sex is what you should always have to enjoy good sex life. When you and your partner are both mutually passionate about having sex, then that is the sign when you can feel about having good sex. It should have passion; otherwise, it won't be satisfactory, which will ruin the sex life and create an imbalance in the relationship. Thus, when you and your partner are passionate about having sex, it is the sign of you both having good sex. passion for sex is good but don't be over passionate about it because it is also not good for sex. 

Having Good Conversation

The conversation is very important when you are having sex, and having a good engaging conversation while having sex means that both the partner are involved in the sex and are active. Having a good conversation is a sign indicating that you are actively participating in the sexual intimacy you are having with your partner. The conversation can be good, wild, or naughty any kind of conversation while having sex can be very contributing towards having good sex. Thus, the conversation can help indulge good sex. And it is the sign that you and your partner are actively participating in sex, which is the sign of having better sex. 

Equal Efforts

When both partners are applying equal efforts while having sex, you are having good sex. sex will always be smooth and effective when both partners are applying equal efforts. In a relationship, if one partner is dominating and lacks passion, that is not a good sign of having good sex. Equal efforts will form a connection between the partners, and that will be good for enjoying physical intimacy. Thus, when you realize that there are equal efforts in the sex, which is the sign that you and your partner are having good sex. 

Adding Fun Elements

Sex is something that can be explored a lot, and if you and your partner want to engage and explore sex highly, that will make your relationship stronger. There are many types of fun elements that can make your sex life better and different from usual. With mysexshop, you can find many fun elements like sex toys, etc., which will add spice to your sex life. There are many things that couples can explore about adding fun elements in their sex, and when you are thinking about taking your sexual life ahead towards adding fun elements, it is the sign that you have a wonderful sexual life. 

Have Satisfaction

One of the important things for a couple who wanted to enjoy good sex life is satisfaction. The couples enjoying satisfactory sex are the best. A sign that you are having good sex and couple sex toys can be very beneficial for having excellent and satisfactory sex. Most couples are facing problems of having satisfactory sex, and they are not good for relationships. Satisfaction is the key thing in enjoying healthy sex life. When you and your partner are having enough satisfaction organically while enjoying the sex life, that is the ultimate sign that will indicate having good sex. 


Good sex life is not a myth anymore because we with mysexshop are ready to add some spice and flavors to your sex life to make it amazing. Couples should know their criteria of having good sex, and then they can figure out the missing element in their sex life. There are many ways one can know that whether they are having good sex or not, one of the important things is to have a conversation about it with your partner, which will get you to know a lot of things about pleasing and satisfying your partner. Satisfaction is also very important, and you and your partner are having satisfactory sex is the sign that you both are having good sex. Thus, there are many benefits of know that you are indulging in a good sex.


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